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My prayer to Angels I asked

My prayer to Angels I asked and I believed


My prayer to Angels I asked : Sara, Sara, Saraaaaa, who else can I tell my story to? last Easter Monday I worked at the restaurant, where I work for the summer season, but I also work weekends and holidays; obviously, working in the kitchen I remove all my rings and my watch, but I do keep my wedding band, which I never remove; even when we were dating, we were not even married yet, we had given each other a wedding band for Christmas before he was due to fly away, between a hospital and another, in any case, I normally keep the rings in a little container and I put the container in my bag, the watch I wear was actually once his watch, which I adjusted for my wrist, and I place it in the pocket of my trousers.


That day, we worked a lot, I was very tired, I had been out of the house for a few hours, as you know I have two dogs, my furry children, so I was rushing, I wanted to go home early to let them out, and I so I left work in a hurry, without “dressing up” with my jewellery.


At some point, I was at home, changing in my bedroom, I remembered I had not put my watch back on, and so I grabbed my trousers to take it out of the pocket.


IT’S NOT THERE …. panic, I looked, shook the trousers inside out, I looked up and down, I went through the entire car, I walked the entire path from the gate to the house door, NOT THERE.


I call the restaurant, I ask to please look in the pocket of my uniform, sometimes when I am distracted I put it there … NOT THERE … they very kindly fine combed the kitchen, but I know I am too set in my ways to know that I would not have left it anywhere else, I tell them not to worry about it, I feel that during my break in the day, while I work, it may have slipped from my pocket into the street, because on my break I leave the building and smoke a cigarette.


And so, even if I don’t give up and keep on looking, I do start thinking that I must have lost it outside of the restaurant, and most certainly will never see it again.


I start to ask my ANGELS, “Please, let me see where it is, is it perhaps under the car seat and I could not see it, for the love of God please let me find his watch, I beg you my Angels …” I felt so desperate and mortified, how could I have possibly managed to lose my watch???


I prayed, I asked, I turned my prayer to my Angels, I asked, I prayed, by then I had lost all hope, Easter Monday was on April 6th, by now several days had passed …. I lost all hope, I kept telling myself that it would show up, ask and it shall be given to you … again ….


This afternoon I was getting dressed to go out, my gaze fell upon the frame of my watch, there it was, it had always been there, it had slipped through the pocket of my trousers and got caught on the chiseled wood bar of my armoire chair, I saw it in the same way that you see some movies zoom into an object, I simply zoomed in on it, in a strange, almost surreal way.


I repeat, obviously it had never moved from there, it had always been there …. but today once again he “called me”, because, once again, I asked, and I had faith! Maybe I am just too clumsy and forgetful, and even though I looked and looked I had never seen it, or maybe my ANGELS … you know, I lay my pajamas and my clothes on it several times a day, and I never saw it ….


A big kiss to you Sara Luce,


I love you


My prayer to Angels I asked and I believed is the testimonial from Mirella




My prayer to Angels I asked and I believed


My prayer to Angels I asked


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