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Lucid dreams from children

Lucid dreams from children flying seeing recognizing


Lucid dreams from children : dear Sara Luce, the wonderful testimonial you recently published and that I read today (Life before birth memories) brings to my memory a similar episode that I experienced in my life.


I was 9 or 10 years old, I had a dream that seemed very real. I remember I was flying … there were many trees below me, at one point I arrived next to a river … a large river .. .there were big houses with particular roofs, the roofs were perpendicular, gray, (like in typical mountain homes) … I found myself in a small village where the streets were made of pebble. Then there was a small forest, you could barely see the sunlight illuminating a little street … and there was a house, with a wooden patio. I lay down gently on the ground. There was a sign hanging from a wood post, held together by two little chains, with a sign that said something, but I don’t remember what was written on it …  I had in my hands a basket with some aromatic herbs.


It did not last long … everything resumed again and I continued on with my flight … I saw once again the river below me, trees again, homes, and then I arrived close to my home … I wanted to go down, I was trying to do it but I was afraid of something. Then, finally, just like a jump in a void, I found myself in the street leading to my home, and I woke up. The sensation that I had when I had to descend, was the same as what one experiences when we are afraid of doing something, but then they find some strength and they do it anyway.


I described this very lucid dream to my mother. The house, the wood, the pebble street, even the sign with the two chains under a patio, a sign indicating the sale of something … I had never been in that far away place, but my mother was born there, in a little town in Belgium, and that was her house, the house she had loved so much and where she had lived her happiest years.


These are truly inexplicable things, and they happen very often, but only to children. Children have lucid dreams.


A long time has passed since then, after many years, I was twenty eight, I wanted to take my mother to the places where she had lived as a young girl, I undertook a journey of 1,000 kilometers alone, but I immediately found the right way to get there, I recognized everything easily, even though I had never been there.


My grandparents used to love those places because for them they were places where they had the blessing of having a job, which was lacking here, and also for the friendships they made and that they had to leave behind albeit reluctantly, when the war broke out. Once the war ended, grandmother wanted to go back there, but grandpa, unfortunately, having settled nicely here, never agreed to it. And so, the years passed, and now I wanted to give my grandmother a gift: she had already passed away, however, I wanted to take my mother to the town of Marcinelle Charleroi, and after 50 years, she will be able to see her godmother and a friend of my grandmother.


Till date, I still like aromatic herbs, and like many people I run a little vegetable garden, but ever since I was small, I had a passion for baskets … baskets of various types and measures, with a variety of colored flowers: baskets … flowers … candles …. fountains … hearts … those were the drawings I gravitated toward …. I was painting, Sara ….


Forgive me for my emotions running away with me, as always I get very emotional, I am so touched by this, in many of the testimonials I read, I end up finding a little bit of myself in them ….


Thank you Sara


Lucid dreams from children flying seeing recognizing is a testimonial from Loriana




Lucid dreams from children flying seeing recognizing


Lucid dreams from children


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