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God exists and I met Him

God exists and I met Him experiences


God exists and I met Him : hello Sara Luce, yes God exists and my girl met Him, I found my email again, the one I thought I had “lost”, I am sending it to you now; it was a morning just like many others, I was on my way to school, together with my girl, on foot, suddenly, as we were walking, my oldest one, who was almost 8, said firmly and naturally to a point of shock “you know, mum, last night I dreamt of God” and then “I actually saw his face”.


I understood that she had just had an experience from the Sky, I was so happy.


I asked her a few questions, how did she know for sure that it was God?, was it dark or was it light?, did they talk?, how did she feel?, she was able to answer perfectly all my answers, with confidence and calm “I know it was God, he told me, but we did not speak, he smiled, He was all white with light, it was truly beautiful”.


I was so emotional, I even thought about my dear Father, I caressed her, I was so happy for her.


Thanks to the Sky for these moments of joy, thanks to my Father and to all creatures of light, to all humanity, and to Sara Luce.


God Exists And I Met Him experiences is the testimonial from Sara


God Exists And I Met Him experiences


God Exists And I Met Him


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