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Lourdes Water Father Pio intercedes

Lourdes Water Father Pio Rosary The Virgin Mary intercedes Scent of Roses

Lourdes Water Father Pio intercedes : thank you as always Sara, it was back in the nineties, I share with you a miracolous experience, we have received help from Padre Pio and fron the Virgin Mary, listen to me; one day in the late afternoon I heard my mother cry in the kitchen, she had been battling an extreme tooth ache that was actually bruising her face, and painkillers were not helping very much, her cheek was so swollen that her eye was almost shut.
I ran to her, watching her being so powerless and vulnerable broke my heart, I immediately accompanied her to her bed, I gave her the holy water from Lourdes, and the Rosary, and I started to pray, I have to clarify that the previous night I had had a dream of Father Pio; in the dream I knew that my mother was going to die, so I immediately turned to him, whom I had met in the corridor of an old Parish I used to belong to, and I started immediately to beg him, not to let my mother die, however he held my hands and shook his head, he was leading me to understand that he could not be of help.
This is why when I returned to the reality of the moment, I decided to turn to the Virgin Mary, if he could not help my mother, who at that moment was about to DIE from the pain, then maybe SHE could help, Sara, believe me, I immediately realized the meaning of that dream and I did not hesitate to recite the Rosary, so intensely from my heart and from my soul, almost immediately an extremely intense scent of roses was present in the room, growing more intense, it was coming from my hands and from my mother’s cheek, on which I had put some holy water, my mum was smiling because she was telling me that the pain, incredulously, had immediately ceased to bother her; my brothers, my sister, my father, they all smelled in that precise moment the intense perfume, my mother and I were looking at each other and were telling each other almost in tears “IT WAS HER, THIS WAS HER DOING!”, even the water that was left unused in the little bottle in the shape of the Virgin Mary was smelling of roses, and for days and days it continued to emanate that perfume every time we opened the cap.
I was almost 23
I hug you so very much,

Lourdes Water Father Pio Rosary The Virgin Mary intercedes Scent of Roses was told by Elisa


Lourdes Water Father Pio intercedes

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