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NDE testimonials life shown to me on a wide screen

NDE testimonials awareness life shown to me on a wide screen teachings NDE God is infinite Love NDE


When I was a young man, in the summer I often used to go for a swim in a large pond from the river Corsolone, situated along the road that leads to the Sanctuary of the Verna.

It was one in the afternoon on a hot August day in 1980. I had chosen that hour of the day to avoid the crowds that often formed during the nice season and sure enough I had the impression that on that day there were no other people other than me.

I never really learned to swim but, lately, I was making some progress. I had become really good at diving. After filling my lungs with air, I would dive down the waterfall with the arms stretched above my head. Thus I would enter the water without fear. My difficulty was in managing to come up for air when I could not touch bottom with my feet. I had to be careful because each time instead of breathing air I would risk drinking water.

That day, following five nice dives, I was climbing back up the waterfall once again. Unfortunately, I put my foot on a slippery surface, I lost my balance and fell in the water from about 15 feet up. I turned around and around under water several times until I lost my orientation. I could no longer see where the sky was and where was the bottom, and a great fear took over me.

I suddenly found myself without air. I began drinking water until I re-emerged on the surface completely in shock. I couldn’t scream for help. I needed air, but I could not breathe because my mouth and wind pipe were full of water. I was splashing abut to try to keep afloat but I only ended up sinking further down. I re-emerged for a brief moment one additional time, and then a third time, but by then I was feeling resigned and I let myself be dragged down. I knew, by then, that I would never resurface back up again.

Until that point in my life I had never considered the eventuality of my own death, I never really thought sufficiently about this reality. Naturally, like everybody else, sometimes I would go to funerals of relatives and friends, however, in those circumstances, death only seemed to affect other people, while the same thought on my own self never really carried any relevance.

Now I can tell that I avoided thinking about it because I was very afraid of it.

I could not imagine what would have happened in that moment, sensing that I could not lean on anything, being left completely alone with myself.

This utter solitude was my main worry, in addition to the fear of the unknown. I know, my own unknown and profound self was hiding truths that I could have hardly been able to accept.

Naturally this fear was accompanied also by the pain of having to part from my parents, my brothers, my friends, material things, my affections and my interests in general, in a nutshell all that constitutes the perimeter, but also, I was thinking back then, the actual meaning of life.

It was a great surprise to discover, instead, that all of these things actually did not hold a real interest for me. For example, what I seemed to feel when separating from my mother was the same thing that I felt when separating from any other person. This did not diminish the love and gratitude that I had for her, however I could feel, very clearly, that we are all important and we are all on the same level. I understood, in that moment, that the sadness at dying was not in leaving all this behind, but in the awareness of not having done enough good deeds for other people during my life. This was the only true regret that I felt while leaving.

At this point of the experience I lost contact with my body and I started reliving, moment by moment, all of the events of my life, even the small details that I had forgotten all about at a conscious level. I relived them intensely, with every shade of sensations, much more deeply than when they actually happened.

Those moments of my life seemed to be shown to me on a wide screen.

I was able to feel even the smells and the taste of those moments, as if they were really happening all over again in that precise instant: many moments lived in the past, of which I no longer had a memory of.

I relived an experience that I had had when I was in first grade: at school, during z break, I had a fight with another boy in my class. I had managed to overcome him and I felt happy and proud to have been stronger than him. While I was reliving this experience, however, I no longer felt joy in having won the fight, but sadness and bitterness because I felt I had humiliated him. I no longer saw this kid as something separate from me: in other words, me being me, and him being him and everything that happens to him not having anything to do with me.

We weren’t two separate and distinct entities, living in our own bodies with or own defined perimeters, but I felt as if he was actually an extension of myself. So this is how I felt his suffering for the humiliation that I brought upon him.

I associated this teaching with what Jesus meant when he said “I am the vine, you are the branches”. I understood that, in reality, we are all one individual thing.

In addition to reliving my wrong deeds, for which I suffered, I also relived a positive experience, and I felt it much more strongly the second time around than when it originally happened: helping an old lady cross the street.

I have always admired the famous charitable deeds of San Francesco and Mother Theresa of Calcutta and I, in a way, felt like I was nothing in terms of charity.

This experience made me realized that major charitable deeds reside exactly within simple things.

The joy that I felt was due to the fact that I was not focusing my attention on myself, but to another person, in a completely selfless manner.

Reliving my negative experiences and suffering as a result was, for me, like purging myself from evil; it’s been like experimenting purgatory in my consciousness.

This made me aware that purgatory and hell do not exist as actual places, but they are different frames of mind. I felt that God is infinite Love and mercy and He does not wish evil on anyone. Even Paradise is a state of mind and it’s for everyone.

Another aspect that touched me deeply was the judgment that will take place at the end of our lives. My parents are Catholics, so, since I was small, I followed that teaching. The catechism introduced to me a God that saw everything I did and who therefore would eventually judge me according to the good and bad things I had done. In that moment, however, it was my own consciousness that judged my own actions, and did so with impressive lucidity. In life, when we are about to make a decision, we think we can define our choice within an ample range of options, meaning that we can define our actions as: not good but not bad, or maybe quite good, or a little good, or a little bad, and so on…

In that situation, however, the distinction was clear-cut and precise: it was either good or bad.

At this point of my experience I saw a strong light, like a sun, a light that, despite its extreme luminosity, I was able to look at without any problems, without feeling discomfort, because I was not looking at it through physical eyes, but with my spiritual eyes.

I felt attracted to this light: it is very difficult for me to describe with words what I felt.

This wonderful light gave me a feeling of calm, of well-being, of goodness, of joy, of peace, of love and acceptance.

This sensation of acceptance was beautiful because, for the first time in my life, I felt accepted for what I was, without any need to appear better in who knows which way, but just as I was: and it was wonderful.

In that light that by now was completely surrounding me, I felt harmony and I was experimenting the perfection of all things. It was clear that everything had a meaning and that I was a part of this everything, while keeping my own identity.

It was then that, all of a sudden, I felt a hand grabbing my arm and I immediately regained consciousness of my body and of my suffering.

I could do nothing but stay still and let myself be dragged toward the shore.

The person who saved me told me that, while he was sunbathing on the shore of the river, he noticed I has having difficulties and ran toward me to rescue me.

One thing, however, leaves me perplexed. How was it possible that I, despite having been diving from high up the waterfall, had not noticed him from my viewpoint where I could see the entire tract of the river, and I wondered how he could have really seen me drowning while lying down flat along the river. In addition, I never found out who he was, or where he came from!

Overall I believe I was under water for two or three minutes and it’s incredible how I lived such an wide range of thoughts and sensations in such a brief fragment of time. It was an exceptional thing for me, a real gift of life that made me understand what happens when our Spirit leaves the physical body. That wonderful experience cancelled forever from my heart and my mind the fear of that event that we commonly refer to as death, giving me awareness of the real existence of our immortal essence.

NDE testimonials awareness life shown to me on a wide screen teachings NDE God is infinite Love NDE was told by Roberto




NDE testimonials awareness life shown to me on a wide screen teachings NDE God is infinite Love NDE



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