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OBE Angel in OBE Guardian Angel experience

OBE Angel in OBE out of body experiences Angels and Guardian Angel experience OBE contact with Angel


On 14th July 2008 I was admitted to a hospital in Cremona, Italy, and underwent surgery. Following post-surgery complications, I was transferred and had an additional surgery at the Transplant Center at the S. Orsola di Bologna Hospital, Italy.


While they were checking me into the emergency Resuscitation Care, the meeting took place, followed by the dialogue with a certain essence that presented itself to me, claiming to be an Angel.


My memory begins with me finding myself lying in a strange bed in the shape of a ship, and I could see above me, in the darkness, some beams of light of no particular shape, moving like rays of solar dust. I then proceeded to leave my body and ascend to the same height as the ceiling, I was watching myself from high up, I was naked, full of tubes everywhere and covered with ice packs.


I was levitating, I was a spirit without shape, like a cloud of vibrant, shiny colors, and very spontaneously, I felt very calm and relaxed, I looked at this entity and asked what it was, it answered: “I am an Angel”. I asked if he was my guardian Angel, he answered that he was not the only one, that there were others, and that I could speak with all of them.


I asked what I was supposed to do and why He was there, he answered that I was supposed to wait and that he was there with me to keep me company in case I felt like talking. I asked if I was dead and if he had to accompany me somewhere, he replied that I was not dead that we just had to wait a bit, let time take its course.


While they were all moving around, one Angel was still and silent, I asked him why it was, he replied that a girl he was very close to was very ill. Then followed other questions and answers about my private life that I shall leave out. At one point he said goodbye and told me that it was now time for me to go back into my body, I asked if we could speak some more, he said yes, that I will always have an Angel near me. I then descended back into my body and I entered it, soon after that I woke up.


A few days later I was transferred to the Intensive Therapy ward, and I found out that next to me in the Resuscitation Room there was another girl, she was doing better, and they were moving her to the room next to mine. Coincidence? I think not, personally I still have many doubts about what happened and I have no certainties, but from those days I still have this memory, and even if I don’t know if it was reality or a dream, I decided to share it with you exactly as it remained in my mind, with much serenity.


In any case, after that experience, now I often happen to call someone on the phone and to be told that they were thinking about me, or, vice versa, I may be thinking of some people who soon after that will call me and I feel a strong push to go to Church, which I have never done before, where after a “conversation”, I feel pervaded by a great sense of peace and serenity, and I find the answers to my questions, through coincidences or strong sensations, either in favor or contrary.


A kiss,


OBE Angel in OBE out of body experiences Angels and Guardian Angel experience OBE contact with Angel was told by Ivan


OBE Angel in OBE out of body experiences Angels and Guardian Angel experience OBE contact with Angel


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