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Comprehension And Action Awareness And Outcome Of Action Teachings Of Selfishness

Comprehension And Action Awareness And Outcome Of Action Teachings Of Selfishness
Today I want to talk to you, my dear brothers about why I have come to talk to you again after a long time brothers and sisters.
I have never been away from you brothers, during the centuries I have dictated my holy words to many other brothers and sisters and many have been the teachings that I have sent you over the years; I have talked to brothers of many parts of the worlds, I have dictated millions of words that have been read by millions of people, but we still do not see the result that they should have produced, and here I am now once again trying to get your attention and hoping that these words will help you to turn them into actions.
Comprehension alone is not sufficient to produce those changes that many of you and we desire, but it's the actions that in reality can do a lot to change your planet.
Certainly a lot of value resides with comprehending but without the action it would be like helping a brother of yours by comforting him only by sharing what he is going through, not that this is not important, but think of how much more useful it would be for this brother to know that you are next to him facing the situations that are causing him so much pain.
Brothers this is the difference between simple awareness and the outcome of action.
Sometimes I realize that you really do not know how to address a certain question, but all too often I notice that it's only selfishness that stops you from acting on it, how do you think that anything can change if you don't free yourselves from selfishness?
This is a question that you can ask yourselves.
For what reason is the world supposed to exist for the good of everyone, if every one of you has not yet shaken off the remnants of selfishness that your imperfect teachers instilled in you through education since you were very small? They taught you to destroy goods because you can always repair them, they taught you that it was better to be richer than others because this way you can show that you are better than the others, they taught you to conquer the power because this is the only way to enjoy rich privileges and you would be respected, they taught you to look at others as if they were enemies from whom you keep a safe distance and they taught you that only with wars you could prove to other brothers all that you have conquered through technology.
You see brothers these are the teachings that have been assigned to you and that have flooded your good heart with selfishness; for this reason it no longer comes natural for you to do what your Soul would naturally would suggest you to do, which is Only for Love, while now first you have to rid yourselves of the selfishness and then you can heed every incentive stemming from your good heart.
This selfishness, do you believe that you could dispose of it in a rubbish bag and throw it out of your lives?
This would be a very important step.
This message concludes here for the moment, I have to leave you with the time to put it into practice, if you so desire; certainly it would be very desirable, but there is always the free will to establish that every step is always taken in the utmost freedom and you see my brothers there is no greater freedom than the freedom of will.
I say goodbye to you with all the love that I have in my heart for all of you, brothers and sisters, I will return soon because my desire is to help you understand the many aspects that surround you and to allow you to make your own choices and actions with consciousness.
I thank you for allowing me to talk and maybe you have even listened to me, I believe in you and this is the feeling that I get every time that I am about to give you my holy words.
I want to reach you with all my affection and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who always hopes to be listened to by all of his brothers and all of his sisters
Comprehension And Action Awareness And Outcome Of Action Teachings Of Selfishness was the Message received 30th August 2003
Comprehension And Action Awareness And Outcome Of Action Teachings Of Selfishness
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