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Commemoration Of The Dead Message From Paradise Accept Death

Commemoration Of The Dead Message From Paradise Accept Death
Today's message is dedicated to those who have in their hearts the affectionate memory of their loved ones who today are with us up here in Paradise.
There are many of them, you know, those who would love to talk to you directly but unfortunately there are not so many brothers who come to us for this commitment of love for those who are still on earth.
I have seen many people opening up, opening their good hearts after having received a message from their defunct loved ones meaning that they left their physical body and now live in the peace and joy in this splendid place that you always call Paradise.
This time I will not be the one dictating the message to you, it will be some of the people whom you know that are here next to me as I am speaking to you and they will talk about this place, how life continues after physical death.
Brother Mario will begin, whose daughter sent a letter to our friend Sara, now I give him the opportunity to communicate with his daughter and with all of you who are listening, with the intent to help you by stimulating you into research more to give help to your brothers and sisters who are next to you.
I am Mario, Mirella's father, I died a few days ago and I am still not accustomed to all that my eyes are seeing now, my dears if you could see what a marvellous thing it is to be able to see all of the things that surround me with my own eyes, it's an extraordinary experience, over here there is a world of incredible colours, the reflections are incredibly beautiful, there are days in which the reflections vibrate and reflect all of the colours at the same time; this is such a new experience for me that I am completely fascinated by it, but there are things over here that would astonish all of you who are listening to me right now.
I see you suffering because of my departure, but you should not be sad for me because I have never been as alive as I am now since I entered this place, I am in your Paradise and I want to reassure you that everything is even more marvellous than you could possibly imagine.
I even hear your thoughts and read your hearts and I want to reassure you that I will always be close to you to help you fix all of the problems that are part of life on earth.
My sweet daughter feels a little guilty for not having conveyed all of her love and affection, but you must not feel guilty because I know how much you love me, I read it inside your good heart and it's great, I can assure you.
Here, now I am becoming emotional because I miss you and this is the only sad note in this perfect and magnificent place, but I know that one day we will be able to embrace again and it will be a beautiful day because our love will meet again, in the meantime be aware that I am next to you and I will help you with all of my affection and all of my love.
But now I must go, I am sorry to say goodbye but I have to, I send you a big, big kiss, goodbye to all of those who have been next to you during these days and who are helping you overcome these first moments of major changes, goodbye kids, be good to your mother, she is suffering a lot and I hope that these words of mine will help give her some hope and serenity back.
A last kiss to all of those who gave me help and affection during their lives, this is what I learnt with regard to my life which just ended, I learnt to give the right importance to every gesture inspired by affection and born out of the love like that of a mother for her own children without feeling jealous toward them; if I had understood this sooner, maybe many things would have gone in a different way, but I made a mistake and now I am learning the best way to be a father and a husband, so the next time around when we will meet again, I will surround you with affection and lots of love in a way that I have not been able to give you during this life of mine, but I will do so during my next life, this is my promise to all of you who have affectionately assisted me during my last moments on earth.
I thank you with all of my heart, now I can really part from you because I said what was inside my heart.
I hug you once again with all of the love that you deserve
Your Mario
Now I want you to talk to a young man who is always in contact with our friend Sara, so that he too can transmit his words to help you accept death, I am always referring to the death of the body, even death of young men who have committed suicide; many religions will tell you that suicide will not grant access to Paradise, this is definitely not true; when a young man commits suicide at the very beginning he stays close to us but he is separate, when he learns the gravity of what he did because life is the great, great gift that our Father has given his children to help them grow in love and to put in practice all of those teachings that we transmit to you during your stay here in Paradise, when they comprehend this gift from the Father, then they are allowed to come to us and even start to plan for their next experience on earth.
During that period our help is always with them, even the standard of life is the same as ours, what is missing is the actual contact with the direct love of your Father and with the direct affection of all others.
Now I pass you over to this young man so that he will be the one talking to his mother and to you my brothers and sisters.
Dear mother, it's your son Luca again, we spoke a few days ago but I am here today again since the occasion is very important for me because I want to explain to you specifically as well as to all others why I committed suicide.
Thoughts can be a great enemy just like a great ally in life, in my life my main enemy has been my thoughts.
When you are young, all things seem to have an absolute importance, every contact with people, every occurrence that crosses our lives is lived with great intensity, every thought that crosses your head has an absolutely important value, everything that happens in life seems to be happening to you only, and you give an absurd amount of importance to it, this is what was going on in my mind day after day, many things that I did not understand I rationalized as a manifestation of an adverse destiny, because of these thoughts, my life changed to an inferno from which I wanted to escape quickly, because I was convinced that life would have always been like this, day after day, year after year.
When I killed myself I immediately realized that it was precisely my thoughts that killed every hope I had, this darkness which enveloped me had been purely the creation of my own mind.
When I left my body I immediately wanted to go back to change these thoughts of mine, but it was too late, do you understand, mother, what it was that really killed me?
Then I felt your desperation and I felt guilty for the pain that I had caused you, but thanks to our friend Sara, I had the opportunity to speak to you again even several times and now even thanks to this, I see you a little more serene than before.
To those of you who are listening to me, I told you my entire story, the end of my earthly life, to teach you what I learnt through my suicide, always take care of your dear ones first, and always put the affection from them first, before yourselves, because this is the most important experience of all and I tell you specifically because of the torment that I experienced first hand, and if you are having thoughts leading to suicide, I beg you brothers and sisters, go and seek immediate help from medics, let them help you put some order again in your minds and in your hearts and learn to understand all of the emotions that are upsetting you and that are only the result of a negative mind.
Now I must leave you, thanks to our dear Jesus I could talk to you and I explain to my mother precisely what happened and what she really needed to know.
I kiss you mother, I love you immensely, I ask your forgiveness for what I did and even if I know that you have forgiven me, I ask you again here in front of everybody, because I erred and I always feel guilty for what I did, here they help me a lot, they comfort me, they love me greatly, but I can not erase what I did to you with my gesture.
If I could go back I would never do it again under any circumstances at all because now I know how great the love of our Father is and I know that as He always, always comes to our help during difficult moments, He also came to my rescue, only I did not listen to Him, I was too convinced that I had no hope left to be able to hear the sweet words that he told me that morning, in my dream, before I woke up, it would have saved me if only I had listened to his sweet words, but it was too late, I was not listening anymore, I only listened to sick thoughts.
I love you a lot, a lot my Sara, thank you for your effort because you allow me to talk to my sweet mother who very often also asked herself if something or someone did try to stop me, today she knows, I told her that the Father Himself tried and I did not listen.
I leave you now and I say goodbye to all of those who will be reading these words of mine, but first of all I say goodbye to my mother, my father and my sister too, I love all of you and I will show it to you in thousands of ways, with the same thought that took me away from you, with that very same thought I will come close to your thoughts and this is how I will help you.
I must go, a sweet goodbye to all.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, let's wrap up today's message with an important reflection, today you have talked to these brothers of yours who are here in the Sky with us, this should prove to you, without any doubt, what I have always been teaching you through my own death, that death does not exist, it's the transformation meaning that from your body escapes the immortal Soul which is what constitutes your real essence; and your essence is born from the love and was born to love all of your brothers and sisters in the entire world; today's message is only a confirmation of what I have been teaching you since I came on earth until today through all of the people to whom I dictated my holy words.
Always remember that it is the love of your Father that created you and your behaviour must aim toward this ultimate reunion, put your love into your actions, your thoughts your behaviours, you were born from Love and you were born to reunite, after experimenting love in all of its aspects, growing life after life, to reunite with the original Love, the Love of your Father who is here in the skies.
I say goodbye to you with all of my love and all of the affection that I feel for all of you, brothers and sisters of the world, I want to thank our friend Sara for this very long message but an important one for all of those brothers who will listen to these words, mine and those of these brothers who have spoken to you.
I say goodbye to you and I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, God, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who loves you with all of his great heart and always wants to help you to grow always within love and who for love will help you with all of his immense love.
Commemoration Of The Dead Message From Paradise Accept Death was the Message dictated 2nd November 2003
Commemoration Of The Dead Message From Paradise Accept Death
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