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Love And Respect Of The Choices Message To Humanity

Love And Respect Of The Choices Message To Humanity
Today's message talks about the affection that I see in your eyes when you read these messages of mine designed for you my brothers and sisters of the entire world.
What I read in your good hearts through your eyes is your affection for us while we help you become more aware of many and important affections that surround you.
The love in which you are immersed is immense and you are becoming a little more aware of it message after message.
Right now your eyes reflect your peace because these words that we are dictating to you stimulate in you emotions of peace and serenity.
It's for this reason brothers and sisters that we come so often to talk to all of you, you are growing in terms of awareness and like an older brother of yours, I want to help you even more to make your path even easier and faster than it would be without our direct help.
Today's message goes to your good hearts so that more and more you may learn to donate your heart and your affections to other brothers who have a great need for it.
I must confess my dear brothers that I would like to be there with you right now, next to you to guiding you with my example, but what I can do now is guide you with the words that we give you in our messages ..... Right now I understand that this very opportunity makes me proud to be here with you, I guide you within the respect for your own choices and maybe that's the most important help I can give you, because this help is of an even higher level than my physical presence next to you. Do you understand my brothers how great is the love that surrounds you?
You see brothers, when love meets the respect of the choices made by your other brothers, then the quality of this emotion is even higher than to simply love.
Thanks to you, I am comprehending this new love, more spacious, more difficult if you will, but it will certainly be richer to experiment for my good heart.
You are under no obligation, no negative motivation to follow these words of mine that I dedicate to you from my heart, you have absolute freedom to follow my words, my teachings, or not, at all times you are aware of my teachings and you can choose at all times whether you put your love and your affection in your thoughts, your gestures, and your behaviours, or not, it's your choice, I only guide you but it's you that chooses to put what I taught you into your lives or not; I am guiding you within absolute freedom and this task makes me proud of you because every time that I watch you and I see you putting your love and your affection into your life, it means that I have been a very good Teacher and this fills me with pride because I truly helped you.
Today's message, more than a message, is a reflection for all of us, you and I.
Now I part from you but before I say goodbye I want to dictate another message to our friend Sara addressed to a person that asked to answer a question: Why is life sometimes so difficult and it seems that things have a way of continuously repeating themselves?
My dear, I know that sometimes existence is complicated, many things happen and often you have the feeling that you live in a constant fight with the entire world.
Many situations repeat themselves all the time, people, places, times may change, but the same problem seems to keep happening over and over again and this gives you the feeling that it will never end and that we will end up reckoning with this same problem throughout our whole lives.
My treasure, listen to me, in your life it's not that only the negative things keep repeating themselves, it's also the good things that keep happening, but you are more used to focus on things that are not good rather than looking at those that go well.
Even negative things have always something to teach you on your existence and they are opportunities for your Soul to grow; every difficult moment holds a message that, once understood, interrupts this chain of events that would otherwise continue happening, and give you the opportunity to learn.
Of course it's up to you to learn, you should stop and ask yourselves what it is that that situation can teach you and treasure what you have learnt.
On the other hand, if you continue to only solve that problem always in the same manner, that problem will continue to present itself thereby putting you in the position to try and solve it with a different approach, more useful for your growth.
Do you understand my dear sister what I want to communicate to you?
I can see that you are faced with a new difficult moment and this time you came to me, to your brother Jesus, now I tell you that the problem that taunts you is the problem of the respect for the people that are next to you and even the respect for yourself is not very high; try not to lack respect toward your brothers, respect is not there to be conquered with violence or with aggression, it's not fighting with your brothers that you respect them or that you make them respect you, instead do put your love, try to always understand that by putting love and respect for yourself first, your brothers will come to you with love and respect in turn.
This is my advice, when you talk too much or you don't give the other person the opportunity to express his thoughts, to give you his help, you are also lacking respect toward your brothers, try to listen to them while you talk to them, listen to them carefully and reflect on what they are telling you, and you will see that the respect that you will put into these relationships will be compensated with the same respect toward you.
Try also to respect your own feelings, listen also to your own heart, not only to the words that you say with your mouth, but try to be aware of every affection, every emotion that stirs inside your good heart, this way you will learn to respect yourself; the respect for others will be a consequence of what you will have learnt when putting respect at the centre of your good heart.
Now I say goodbye to you and I leave, I have talked a lot again today, but these are important things because they can teach you to put love into your lives in every situation and under every circumstance; even the message for that girl, it's not just for her because I see many of you asking yourselves the same question and these reflections are important for you too brothers and they are important for everybody because with this awareness we can also help other brothers and sisters who have these problems.
I kiss you my brothers and sisters, I bless you in the name of the Father, of this Holy Son of his Jesus, of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who loves you, who is always next to you, who teaches you in the freedom and who listens to every question asked from your good heart.
Love And Respect Of The Choices Message To Humanity was the Message dictated 5th November 2003
Love And Respect Of The Choices Message To Humanity
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