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Grow In The Spirit Reciprocal Respect To Put Peace Messages

Grow In The Spirit Reciprocal Respect To Put Peace Messages
My dear brothers and my dear sisters, it's been a few days since we last communicated, but I have never abandoned you, I followed all of your paths and I see all that you have thought and done these days; I followed you like a father follows lovingly his children, with the same love that I communicate to you through these messages of mine.
Many of you have listened with a lot of attention to my last message and have asked themselves several questions on love and respect.
Today I would like to teach you how to relate to your brothers during situations that you deem difficult to handle.
When I told you to put all of your love and all of your respect, I did not mean to say that by putting respect toward your brothers you should negate yourselves, this is not right, what I wanted to teach you is not to always react with aggression to other people's aggression, this is what I meant to teach you.
Respect is first of all reciprocal, and when a person is disrespectful to you, you need to take stock of it and engage in behaviours that will put the right distance between yourselves and that brother or that sister, but this must not happen with aggression or by taking away the respect for that person, respect and love must always be there because this is what will teach others how to behave toward other brothers.
Then, negative experiences can always happen and we have to once again search for other brothers with whom to set the right level of love and respect.
Even when you do not agree with your brothers, don't ever attack them, stop for a few moments with yourselves, clarify what your disagreements are and with love and respect put that through to your interlocutor; it's always better to put peace in your hearts also because if you happen to be wrong, then you don't have to apologize for the way and the tones that you used.
If you knew how many brothers of mine initially start off like rockets and then they don't know how to rescue those relationships with their own brothers any more and sometimes they are not able to go back at all anymore.
This is true not only with your relationships at work, for example, but it's also true for every type of rapport, this is especially valid in your relationships with your loved ones and your family.
It's easier to argue, I agree, but this path remains the best if you want to grow in the Spirit of your Soul.
Come on brothers, it's not impossible, you can begin experimenting and I am sure that the results will give you a new incentive to continue on this new road that I have indicated to you.
I say goodbye and I kiss you with all of my love, always try to put your love and respect in your thoughts, in your intentions, in your behaviours, in your gestures and you will see that this world of yours will begin to change; be an example to all of your brothers and sisters and be happy to be bringing forward these teachings of mine because I am with you at all times, do that in my memory, of the brother Jesus who stood on the cross to help all of his brothers and sisters reach happiness on your beautiful earth.
Now I say goodbye and I bless you in the name of the Father, of this son Jesus, of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit
Your brother Jesus who is next to you with all of the love that He feels in His good heart for all of you, my adored brothers and sisters.
Grow In The Spirit Reciprocal Respect To Put Peace Messages was the Message dictated 12th November 2003
Grow In The Spirit Reciprocal Respect To Put Peace Messages
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