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Died For Peace Nassiriya Iraq Living At War Messages

Died For Peace Nassiriya Iraq Living At War Messages
My dearest today I want to talk to you about those brothers of ours who have died during the attack in Nassiriya, Iraq.
My dear brothers, these brothers have died for the violence that afflicts the entire world, this is the true cause of useless destruction all the lives of all of these brothers in the world.
Today you are crying for the death of these people, but I, who sees them very close to me, even if they are still very tried by such a violent death, I know that soon they will smile again being once more in this perfect place that knows only love.
Do not fret about them, they are being cared for, it's the other brothers and sisters that are at war one against the other, governments against governments, populations against populations, families against families, individuals against individuals; you see this is what I see and this is what I define living at war.
Until the day that you will understand that your earth can support all of you and can feed all of you and provide for all the needs of its inhabitants, you will continue to kill each other in order to seize the good that the Father created for all of his children and not only for the few elected among his children.
This is the truth, it's a shame that it's only a few of them those who believe in it despite the fact that they profess some religion that usually contains this simple truth.
I see many of you who are experimenting feelings of hatred and revenge in your hearts, I beg you brothers do extinguish these feelings in your hearts because this is what can become the base for an even greater violence, violence calls for violence, and your brothers in Iraq are already suffering so much that next to them you could all be like sheiks.
Extinguish the hatred in your good hearts and always replace it with affection and love, think of helping, and mend that land that is suffering so much, it does not need your military personnel if only to build what is necessary in order to rebuild it; don't think that for peace to exist you need to first go through injustice, revenge, skirmishes, violence always calls for violence, if you truly want to bring peace you must first put it in your hearts and soon after you can think of how to change, how to help, to ensure that the peace that you bring is a true peace with yourselves in that land in a constant state of battle.
I say goodbye and I thank our friend Sara who has once more come to us today to allow me to talk to you about what has happened.
I can see that you are now beginning to consider what has happened from a different point of view, Our view, and this makes me proud to see you as blessed creatures who are listening and learning within respect, affection and love.
I kiss you with all of my good heart, I say goodbye, so long my brothers and sisters.
I bless you in the name of the Father, of his Son Jesus the Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Brothers do be the peace, be my voice toward all of the other brothers and sisters of the entire world.
I say goodbye with lots of affection, as always.
Your brother Jesus who is even happier for this great commitment of love with all of you my adored brothers and sisters.
Died For Peace Nassiriya Iraq Living At War Messages was the Message dictated 13th November 2003
Died For Peace Nassiriya Iraq Living At War Messages
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