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Regret And Confession Soul Eternal Damnation Or Remorse Words From Jesus

Regret And Confession Soul Eternal Damnation Or Remorse Words From Jesus
My dear brothers today I have come to talk about regret and confession because I have seen in your hearts that this is the question that all of you ask yourselves during your life on earth.
If you only knew how many times I heard you asking me these questions to be sure that you are acting in the best possible way to save your Soul from eternal damnation.
My brothers and sisters, damnation does not exist in our dimension because all of you, and I mean all of you, will be forgiven for your mistakes that you made during your mortal life; in our dimension chastisement and punishment do not exist, but we do have remorse, this is the only negative emotion that can be experimented in our dimension.
This is the message that we have been transmitting from a long time ago through our interlocutors, if you want you can verify this in person by reading the hundreds of messages that we have dictated over these long years. To find out about it you only need to do a quick research, you have all the tools you need to find them and they are therefore available to you, you only need to look for them and the rest will follow. We have never abandoned you and in truth we have always talked to you through many brothers and many sisters that are next to us like our sweet friend Sara Luce is here today.
But let's continue with our subject.
First of all, like we said, there is no damnation, but there is remorse for not having done what you had planned to do before your arrival on earth.
Every one of you has chosen what path you were going to take, and what you would have done for the growth of your Soul and what you would have done for the growth of all brothers.
Your effort is put into practice across your entire life span and the final outcome is drawn by yourselves both during your actual life, but also when you come back to this dimension, having developed a much wider vision of your entire experience and the outcome will refer to every aspect of your life.
If you reflect on this aspect, regret and confession play an important role within your lives on earth.
Regret is the action through which you recognize that you did not bring forward what you had planned, and through confession you start the process again that will lead you to the path that you had interrupted; after this, the holy communion puts back into your good hearts all the necessary love and trust to take up your path again until you meet the objectives that you had set out.
You see brothers, this is the true meaning of regret, confession and holy communion:
put yourselves back on the right road to accomplish your project of life that you had chosen in our dimension. Many have taught you that you only confess to the various lies and shortcomings in your relationships with those who are next to you and with whom you share your days, but my brothers and my sisters these are only minor details if compared to the various life projects that were interrupted.
This is the great meaning of your effort toward yourselves and toward all of your brothers and this is the great meaning of regret, of confession, and of holy communion; in other words it's through regret, confession and holy communion that you re-centre inside your good hearts your commitments taken on while in our dimension, in the centre of your good heart and in the centre of your thoughts and your actions.
Remember these words next time you go for confession, when you will receive the absolution you will know what this absolution really means and when you take the communion be aware of how important it is for your and for your existence.
Confession is the act by which you communicate to the Priest or the person who performs this sacrament your intentions and your past shortcomings and it's important that there is always a public confession even if for you it's represented by just one person, who is your Priest; take on your effort to bring forward your projects within the privacy of your confession booths and reconcile with yourselves, forgive yourselves and accept our sweet forgiveness and then continue once again toward the accomplishment of your objectives.
It is necessary that a human being is present to administer this sacrament because this person symbolizes all of Us and also your brothers whom you ask for their forgiveness.
For this reason it is necessary to confess to another person as opposed to confessing by yourselves, like someone asked me from his heart on this subject.
The commitment that you take on during the confession is a commitment for your brothers and for yourselves.
Now I say goodbye and I leave you to reflect on the words I dictated to you, we will return to talk about it again because I want to add other important observations but it is also necessary for you to first of all familiarize yourselves with these important concepts that I expressed.
I say goodbye and I kiss you with all of my love and all of my affection, it's becoming more and more pleasant talking together with you and observing what happens in your hearts when you read the words that I prepare with all my love on these messages.
I always invite you to share all of my teachings so that more and more people are able to know the holy words that I am dictating for you and for all of your brothers and for all of your sisters in the entire world.
I hug you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son Jesus Christ who sits next to the Father, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace and with my Spirit.
Your brother Jesus who is teaching you to put clarity in your thoughts and in your good hearts; you will see, soon your world will shine again and it will be your light that makes it shine.
Regret And Confession Soul Eternal Damnation Or Remorse Words From Jesus was the Message dictated 19th November 2003
Regret And Confession Soul Eternal Damnation Or Remorse Words From Jesus
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