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Object In Life How To Find What Is Your Own Mission On Earth Message

Object In Life How To Find What Is Your Own Mission On Earth Message
My dear brothers and sisters of the whole world, today I want to teach you to recollect what is the mission that each one of you had chosen while in this holy place from which we talk to you which is Paradise or it would be even better if you called it God's Sky.
To remember your own mission on this earth, in this incarnation, you can listen to your own good heart and I will teach you how to proceed.
First of all, however, I want to remind you that you were all moulded with the pure love of your Father, because He moulded you in his image and liking and his image and liking means the same as his own great love.
For this reason brothers, every action and every thought that is reflecting love is part of the path to your growth, to your rediscovery that you are pure love just like you were created back then; for this reason my brothers and sisters, always harbour love in all of its aspects. You are made of love and you must reconnect with the first love that created you.
Even though this is the path that your Soul struggles to recognize, life after life, with every passage on your earth, every one of you chooses a task to carry out specifically during that one existence; this task takes into consideration certain milestones, each milestone is a teaching and milestone after milestone, the Soul reaches all of the objectives that it had set out to develop in this existence.
Some of these milestones relate to the need to experiment some teachings that that specific Soul needs to try on itself, and these can be the teachings on unselfish love, on honesty, on the sense of justice, on maternity and paternity, on help during pain, on help during suffering, on joy of giving and receiving love and affection; these are only a few of the experiences that a Soul comes to experiment because otherwise, being constantly here in God's Sky you could only know these things in thought, in theory, while the true teachings happen when you experiment with affection, with the heart.
For this reason your Father created earth and many other worlds, specifically to give you the possibility to experiment these teachings with affections, with your hearts, and there are many teachings that you learn here from our voices and from the voices of our Teachers and from our Guides, and let's not forget that Angels are also Teachers themselves.
From what we have told you, you can understand that the objectives, the steps that a Soul can experiment over the course of one single life on earth are innumerable; but now we help you remember the objectives that you had set for yourselves for your own existence, so that you can have greater awareness of your path and you can achieve more easily all of the milestones that you had planned.
Let's proceed, first of all it's important that you stop, that you take a long moment without any distractions, because you need to concentrate only on your development project.
Close your eyes and concentrate on your good heart. After a few minutes in silence, begin to ask your good heart what are the experiences that you have had and that filled you with energy, with joy, with satisfaction and make a note of them one by one on a piece of paper that you will have put next to you.
Don't rush it, you are about to remember something that is part of your Soul but that has not yet been discovered by your mind and for this reason you need however long it will take you.
When this list is quite long, and always in silence, look in what direction all of these experiences are going, begin to take into consideration the fields, the interactions, the inclinations, the priorities, the situations, the satisfactions, these are the manifestations of when you are in harmony with the project that you chose to carry out during your reincarnation.
Can you single them out? I am convinced that you can see them and you can understand where your Soul and your good heart are leading you.
Today's lesson terminates here; however we will take up this subject again as well, because many emotions must be understood, including the negative emotions that can block your path.
Begin by doing this exercise and then we will continue from where you will have arrived.
There is another thing that I wanted to recommend to you, a terrible war is about to take place on earth, try to do all that you can to stop it, stop your governments, beg for peace, communicate your need for peace to all of your brothers in the entire world, don't just stand there looking at what is happening in your world, oppose your need for peace to the violence that assails your countries, be the peace in your good hearts and recommend the peace to your other brothers; there will be dark days ahead, but don't let the war win, always talk of peace, truly wish for peace and especially be the carriers of love and peace and not carriers of weapons and violence.
This message was too important for me not to tell you, we would want to intervene from here, but we always have respect for your free will and respect for your own capacity to bring the peace back on your earth, for this reason my brothers and my sisters we can not intervene, but we will be next to you and we will help you in every way possible so that you can re-establish peace.
I would want to always stay with you, starting from today, to guide you with our words, to encourage you and sustain you, but I like to hope that our friend Sara will come to us even more often, even if this will mean she will have to neglect you a little, but it's too important for me to be at your side during such a difficult moment. For today I kiss you with my great affection and with this great heart of mine, I kiss you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son who talks to all of you, in the name of the Virgin Mary and of the Holy Spirit, go in peace and be my own voice of peace.
Your brother Jesus who will always be by your side especially when the world will seem like it's on the edge of total destruction and at the moment this is the situation that the Americans are creating from the heights of their military and economic power.
Brothers and sisters, have hope in your good hearts, if we are all together earth will manage to overcome also this moment of great difficulty.
I say goodbye to you and I kiss you one more time, so long my dear brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Object In Life How To Find What Is Your Own Mission On Earth Message was the Message received 23rd November 2003
Object In Life How To Find What Is Your Own Mission On Earth Message
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