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Peace Let's Make Peace Wish For Peace In Favour Of Peace On Planet Peace Precious Aspect

Peace Let's Make Peace Wish For Peace In Favour Of Peace On Planet Peace Precious Aspect
Today's message is for all of those people who wish for peace in their good heart; you should send this message to anybody you know so that they will read it and distribute it themselves; only through this new system the information will be so speedy to stop the message that is being sent to the heart of all men on your earth and this message is: WAR.
My dear brothers and my dear sisters in the whole world, today I am here with all of you to talk in favour of Peace on your planet.
You see my dear brothers and my dear sisters, Peace must be your foremost value in your life because it's only through Peace that you will grow and develop and it's certainly not by hiding behind a war that you will meet those objectives of growth chosen when you were here in the Home of your Father who is God; this is the reason I am here today to talk of Peace.
Brothers Peace is the most precious aspect for all of your brothers and for you; how can you learn about primary love, respect, solidarity, compassionate help, true justice, brotherhood if your existences are at war or threatened by war?
It would be impossible because your good hearts would be brimming with hatred and feelings of revenge and they would be completely closed to love and to the most noble and high feelings, which are the feelings where your loving and righteous Soul is leading you.
At this moment between the United States and the Secret Services they are preparing for the largest war that you can imagine, they are all busy finding an enemy to justify the barbarous actions that they are planning, unfortunately this is what is happening. Nobody has respect for anybody. Protecting and safeguarding is no longer important, now they are working to destroy, to take possession of these Countries' resources; this is the holy truth and I have come to bring you this message today.
Brothers, do everything possible and try also to do the impossible to stop this absurd war that could destroy entire populations of the earth.
With my heart full of chagrin, I follow you in your actions, I support you and sustain you and I also fight for the Peace next to you; I will do what is possible and I will ask our Father also for the impossible to stop this war, and I will do it for you because you are my brothers and my adored sisters and my feelings are in anguish, to see you at war, brothers against brothers, human beings against human beings, therefore brothers let's work together you and Us from your Father's Sky who is God the Blessed Father.
This message however wants to also give you hope, be aware brothers that all together we can reach Peace and reach everlasting Peace, because if we work with assiduity and with lots, lots of love, we will manage to create that knowledge that nobody else will ever be able to eradicate from the depth of your good heart.
There is no time to lose because the scenarios that hatred and violence are preparing are becoming more and more worrying each day.
I am next to those of you who desire Peace inside your good hearts and it's not a simple desire, but since the awareness that Peace may be the optimum to grow in life and that you have truly understood this aspect, I also think the same way, for this reason I donated my own body and my blood for all of you.
I regret parting from you, but I will be inside your heart to help you, to sustain you, to encourage you and to give you that love courage that you will need soon. I will be at your side even if you can not hear me like you are hearing me today through these words dictated to Sara Luce for all of you, but soon you will see that together we will bring Peace and we will bring it together with you and forever.
I kiss you with all my affection and all of my great, great, great love that I have in my heart for all of you brothers and sisters of the whole world.
Your brother Jesus who has always loved and who will always and forever love you with all of his great, great heart.
Peace Let's Make Peace Wish For Peace In Favour Of Peace On Planet Peace Precious Aspect was the Message sent from the Sky 26th November 2003
Peace Let's Make Peace Wish For Peace In Favour Of Peace On Planet Peace Precious Aspect
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