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Truth To Grow Within Awareness And Awareness Means Recognition Of Our Soul

Truth To Grow Within Awareness And Awareness Means Recognition Of Our Soul
My loved brothers and my loved sisters I understand that this discussion on the choice of the Soul puts into question some of your beliefs that you have matured over the course of this existence, however it’s important to understand the truth to allow you to truly experiment over the course of your life, the famous project that you planned over here with us before you descended into your physical body.
The truth is important, our truth, because life would be just an opportunity to reply unconsciously to your brothers and to give unconsciously to your brothers and we feel strongly that your experience, enriched with this contact with the truth, allows all of you to grow in your awareness, in an alert experimentation of your receiving Love and in an alert experimentation of your giving Love.
This means that the very rich, and sometimes difficult experience that you are living, when you challenge cultural and religious beliefs that you are receiving, will allow you, every day of your existence, to gather the ability to welcome every stimulation to experiment yourselves and give a great meaning, in terms of growth within awareness, to your existence, thus allowing for your project, by putting Love, to be implemented completely and to then return to us completely satisfied and happy.
To my eyes this help is aimed at giving you the great opportunity to growth within awareness, awareness of the Love that is inside you, awareness of the Love that is inside other brothers, awareness that justice, equality, respect for others and yourselves, brotherhood, are only a consequence of the Love that was donated knowingly and of the Love that was received knowingly.
Wherever there is awareness there is affirmation of the great Love that the Father donated to us and awareness means recognition of our Soul, of our Love, recognition that we are all brothers and all children of the same Father, the Love that created creatures of Love.
Sometimes you find this contact with the truth difficult, however, truth, from the beginning and forever, is only the Love that is in you, donated by the Father for Love, to be lived as Love.
Your physical eyes begin to open up to the eyes of the Spirit and often you imagine you are watching through the eyes of your heart to what is happening on earth and, very often satisfied, you manage to pick up certain truths and from your heart you mobilize that feeling of Love that speaks of your Being Love also on earth.
It’s difficult to accept without experimenting and by experimenting day after day you will notice that all of these messages stay with you, beyond the time of reading them, they explained to you, they seriously helped you in the understanding and even if right now many of you have difficulties in accepting completely what I tell you, do accept the experience that you have lived in this period and you will notice soon that the truth is contained also in these messages that I sent you on the subject of the life of the Soul, on the choices of the Soul, on the path of life on earth, on the project that you plan out, on the existence of life on earth and the existence of life in our dimension.
Dear brothers, life on earth is the quintessential place to experiment yourselves, here in the Sky there are no such varied conditions to experiment in; here everything is based on Love, there is no non-Love, how could you possibly experiment the intensity of your Love compared to contact with non-Love if here this does not exist?
How could you experiment your Being Love in the face of injustice if injustice is absent in our Paradise?
How could you experiment your Being Love toward your other brothers? In our Paradise you are all aware of being all brothers.
How could you experiment the sweet Love for one of your own creatures when reproduction is not a prerogative here in this Sky?
How could you experiment the existence of your Soul without perception? The Soul is visible through the eyes of the Spirit. And Love? How could you experiment how much Love you are able to donate? In Paradise everything is an exchange of Love. It’s in the difficulties that you are facing that it is possible to sweetly experiment by accepting first of all the truths that we are sending you not by looking with the eyes of earth, but by adopting on earth that vision that is prerequisite of the eyes of the Spirit.
My brothers, this is why earth is the quintessential place to truly experiment yourselves and it’s in the contradictions that the experimentation allows you to mobilize, within each situation, the sweet Love that is in you, and by experimenting you consequently acquire awareness and being aware means to become close to the truth, ever closer to the truth, awareness is the full recognition of the truth and complete recognition is recognition of your Being Love.
With this discussion I want to invite you to experiment also with some small doubts that you have because to experiment inside yourselves has an extremely important meaning for your growth in awareness, for your growth within the truth. Experiment, you all descended to experiment and to grow, experiment even with some doubts and let your Love gain more awareness over time and let it melt, over time, your doubts, affirming ever more, my brothers, the truth of my teachings.
Now my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters let’s move on to our Christmas wishes.
It’s Christmas, What does Christmas mean for you, brothers and sisters?
For us it means another opportunity to mobilize our Love toward other brothers.
Even in our Paradise we celebrate, long pilgrimages snake their ways through the streets, they are all occasions to observe those hearts full of affection which open up when meeting with other hearts and take on the color of Love, and they all recognize themselves in the heart, within the Love, which we constantly carry inside and when the Angels meet up they greet every single brothers by hugging them and sending them a Love so pure that it’s very emotional to be able to feel that quality of Love that wraps around you and elevates you to the possibility of also expressing your own intense emotion, an emotion of purity of Love and brothers can do nothing but hug each other and send their own thus renewed affection to someone else, and this is how a long procession transforms itself into extremely intense moments where everybody, and I mean everybody, begins to hug one another.
What an emotion my brothers, it’s so sweet to watch this Love, brothers, let’s hope that soon on earth you too will be able to assist to such intense exchanges of Love among brothers.
For us it’s beautiful and for you, creatures of Love like us, it would be beautiful.
A sweet Christmas…. The Father speaks
A sweet Christmas my sweetest and loved brothers, may the light of your hearts shine all the time, my children, may you be Love for every brother that you will meet, for everybody, for each person, experiment the goodness that your heart sends every time you remind yourselves that you Are Love, every time you speak with your heart you feel, you recognize, the goodness inside of yourselves, this is my gift for your Christmas, the opportunity to feel the goodness inside your heart, every time you will speak through your heart, you will experience goodness.
Sweet children, a greeting from my heart
Your Father
With all Angels around us, in front of the Virgin Mother Mary, your brother Jesus blesses you, in the name of the Father, the Son, the Virgin Mother Mary and the Holy Spirit, may the Father be witness to all the Love we are mobilizing for our brothers and may He add His Love all the time toward us and toward our brothers
Many Christmas wishes from my heart,
The Virgin Mother Mary and your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 21st December 2005
Title   Truth To Grow Within Awareness And Awareness Means Recognition Of Our Soul
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