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Soul The Choice Of The Soul Incarnation And Project The Time Between Incarnations

Soul The Choice Of The Soul Incarnation And Project The Time Between Incarnations
My adored brothers and my adored sisters, let's continue today again by talking of the choices that Souls, just like you, make before the time of incarnation for your project of experimentation of your Love on earth.
A long time passes between incarnations... brothers, I need to explain something to you about the time between incarnations.
Many religions believe they have found a pre-set time between incarnations; it's difficult for me to explain to you what has determined that specific time span, the truth is that the incarnation between one life and the next, which has always existed, does not answer to specific timelines. There are situations where the Soul is allowed to incarnate again after a short period of time, for example when a Soul it built many important things for you while on earth, and the Soul wishes to continue immediately, through an incarnation, its old project, as a Soul that contemplates a project that is impossible to realize with just one incarnation, however there are very few Souls who have a profile so oriented to helping you, to cause for their choice of project to need much more time and therefore more than one incarnation to see the entire project through.
For Souls in general, there is a large time gap between one incarnation and the next and this time is sometimes used to learn with our eyes, with the eyes of the Spirit, the conditions, the consequences that today, by looking at brothers who are experimenting on earth, are the consequences of the experiences lived, and many, many feelings experimented in the heart at the level of affection.
For this reason, each one of your projects is enriched with each project, brothers, do experiment directly in the course of your earthly life and today your eyes allow you to experiment through those brothers who are still busy experimenting.
When the time comes, my adored brothers, begin to plan your next life, that project, that experimentation to undertake in your next life.
When the time is right, we will come next to you to show you what we believe should be experimented in order to enrich you even further. These are absolutely only suggestions, not obligations, however often when you listen to us you end up agreeing on the principles of the future experimentation.
For example, right now we are suggesting a Soul to make his Love available to a different brother who needs help to complete his project. This person decided to experiment himself with the eyes of the Spirit until one day he will no longer see with his physical eyes and that brother needs the other brothers to help him resume his contact with the eyes of Love when he will be desperate because of this limitation of his physical eyes.
The second brother will be charged with helping him with the sight of the Spirit and guiding him toward a physical healing. This example illustrates very well how all of you choose your projects. A brother will experience a very difficult situation, another brother will be next to him when the difficult moment, when the difficulty will become overbearing, and the project will be at risk of collapse.
This second brother too, in the meantime, will have his own program to experience and in turn he too will unite with many other willing Souls to get help.
My brothers, this situation, which is in plain view of all of you, already explains an important concept: each one of you brothers has cemented agreements with other brothers both in giving and in receiving.
My loved brothers these agreements will be forgotten, however at a certain point of your incarnation, that specific brother will be in front of you with regard to that specific project; whether you will help him or not will be decided by your freedom, always and only by your freedom.
Let's return to that example, you have all noticed that these agreements center on those moments in which certain projects could fail and these specific agreements are meant to continue with the effort of realizing that project. This is your freedom to be of help.
Your project takes place on two levels: to be of help and to receive help from others.
This is experimentation of Love; in helping, you express your feeling and just in the same way you express your feelings you also experiment Love in the situation where you are the ones who are receiving the help.
It is not necessary to explain one more time that Love has these two fundamental fields of experimentation: toward your brothers and from your brothers.
For this reason, every experimentation has it's projects toward others and has return projects from others.
In any case, a project talks about Love in all of its components, from justice from the heart, to freedom of the heart, to sharing from the heart, to knowledge of the truths from the heart, to the creation of the heart and all the way to experimenting oneself from inside the heart of the Love that was donated by the Father.
Every project contains these elements even if there is a priority over one aspect of the experimentation of Love. We can plan projects that embrace various experimentations or concentrate on one specific experimentation.
These experimentations are chosen based on the specific needs of growth for each single Soul.
Do you remember when I mentioned that almost all of you brothers, even though you are helped, you have a tendency to challenge yourselves in your projects?
Your level of evolution still struggles when it comes to listening to us when we propose a sweet experimentation to you; do you remember when I told you that?
Why? You asked yourselves; Why do we choose to challenge ourselves instead of welcoming a sweet experimentation?
There are many reasons to help you understand this; the most important explanation, my brothers, is this: when you are not aware of a certain aspect about yourselves, you tend to provoke yourselves so that that aspect is affirmed beyond any reasonable doubt in front of our eyes.
For example, in our eyes you are already Love, to your eyes you look at yourselves as creatures that are still unaware of Being pure Love and challenging yourselves is often the method that you put in your project so that to your eyes, and those of your brothers, your Love, your being Love is affirmed.
This is the explanation; those who don't know, those who don't have the awareness through the challenge want to see with their eyes those certain elements that make up who they are, to recognize themselves in those elements.
The topic is still very long, my brothers, next time we will continue with it.
Now do go ahead and read again all of what I dictated to you, and with my next help the meaning of existence, of freedom in the projects, of experimentation that you are living, of the life that you are living will seem more understandable to you; in the eyes of the Spirit this project, the milestones, the various experiences, are very clear; with this meaningful help for your mind, even the eyes of the body will look with the eyes of the Spirit.
My brothers, we look at you with the eyes of the Spirit, so that the light may illuminate your eyes, the eyes of your Spirit need for the knowledge of Love to reach your minds.
As always, I hug you with all of this immense Love that I have in the eyes of my Spirit and that I have had in my physical eyes back then every time I look at you my adored brothers, my adored sisters
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 18th December 2005
Title   Soul The Choice Of The Soul Incarnation And Project The Time Between Incarnations
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