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Soul Why Does A Soul Choose To Be Born Messages

Soul Why Does A Soul Choose To Be Born Messages
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, let's continue our discussion on life on earth.
Why does a Soul choose to be born? And who chooses its path in life? Is it compulsory to be born, or is this a choice, too?
The answers to these questions can illuminate you and guide you in your existence with Love.
I already explained to you, many messages ago, that one day my brothers went to our Creator to ask for an existence that is free, an existence far away from the Father to be able to experiment themselves in their Love by building their own Paradise and building, through procreation, their own organization.
This is the request that we, children, asked our Creator, who welcomed our need and created universes and planets to allow us to realize this project. And then He donated our bodies to us thus finalizing over time our experimentation, and death is nothing but a return to the Home of the Father to review everything that we experimented, to realize how much Love we have felt inside for all of our brothers and some brothers in particular.
Existence is experimentation of Love, of your own feelings, of your own Love, this is all that existence really is: experimentation of one's own feelings.
When our bodies were donated to us to procreate, to reach our brothers and stay with them, to reach all creatures of the planet, to reach every place that we desire to go to, this body needed to be fairly solid and this is the reason why now the Soul, much more physically inconsistent, is not recognizable to your eyes, but it's there, it's inside of you, it's you.
From that time on, since the first appearance on the beautiful planet earth, the distance from the Father and from the Paradise has had the effect that we feared, which is that it's been much more difficult to build with Love because your Soul, no longer discernible to your physical eyes, has brought, over time, every single person to ask themselves if the Soul really ever existed, and this, my brothers, has caused from some brothers the thought that this existence could be defined as existence in the present but not in the future or the past. This situation has brought our brothers to fight for the values of earth, as if they were the only values that existed, and over here, in respect to the Soul, by not listening, they put aside their Love and their hearts and have embraced selfishness as a desire to possess material things to restrict the enjoyment to themselves and those close to them. The price for all of this selfishness, this distancing from the heart, from the truth that is kept safe inside the heart, inside the Soul, is very evident in your world.
Selfishness creates separations, juxtapositions, fights, hoarding, lack of respect for all things, violence and a lot of injustice.
However today our effort, often called upon to help, allows you, allows everybody, to return to think of yourselves as Souls, precisely by rediscovering your Soul inside yourselves, by listening to Love.
As Souls we choose every existence, it's not an obligation, however when you arrive to Paradise almost all of you feel the desire to immediately return to your experimentation to correct certain mistakes that you yourselves realize you made, as soon as your Soul is perceived through the eyes of the Soul.
At that point, however, my brothers, there are many brothers who want to return, and waiting is the opportunity to take up again on the discussion on one's own experimentation and to prepare one's project.
Accepting our help is not very easy at your level of evolution and we almost always witness, in our eyes, your losing faith in your Being Love as opposed to, again in our eyes, experimenting sweetly your Being Love.
My brothers, we give you a lot of advice and the Father gives you sweet advice with His Love fully aware that you listen to Him, but in the end you are the ones who make the decision and all we are left with is accepting and promising our constant help to you and at this point an Angel is assigned to always be by your side, to always be in contact with your heart and help you as much as possible and the Angel becomes your Guardian in contact with our Paradise and with your sweet heart.
Together we await to be born and together we have hope in the success of our experiment and we fill up with Love, knowing about the difficulties awaiting us in the project, but also knowing of the hope to return happy, satisfied with our own experiments, satisfied to have listened to the Love that is inside you and very satisfied to have donated a lot of Love to your brothers around the world.
You wrote your project with much hope and at the time of your birth, when settling into your body, you forget your project, to give you full freedom to take it up again during the course of life as and when you please.
Every experience is a sweet stimulation to recognize yourselves as Being Love, it's up to you to see it or to keep going.
Sometimes your projects are suddenly interrupted, to give you the opportunity to experiment yourselves as it was your wish, however we feel strongly about saying that this is always your wish, not ours.
Our help is our wish.
The experiences that you make are your wishes.
Brothers, much as it's hard to accept many difficult experience now while you are on earth, try to grasp the concept of the meaning, of the teaching that a long time ago you had set out for yourselves; this is certainly the opportunity to experiment that teaching, even if just one time only, and my brothers, once the teaching has been understood, it's then patrimony of your heart, your Soul experimented itself and this teaching will no longer be presented to you again; and the path of recognition inside the heart of a specific teaching is precisely that of listening to the Love mobilized inside you, this and the reflection on Love, this is what allows you to overcome it, to make it a part of you and to give you greater awareness, that greater awareness that you will be truly happy about once you will return Home.
Today we have touched on many questions, we will gladly continue to talk about this in our next message, let's just allow some time to internalize these important concepts and then we will continue to talk with increasing awareness within the truth.
Now I will say goodbye my brothers, read and re-read what I dictated to you today, this is my help, this is the help to make you aware of the Love that surrounds you and aware that you are all special to me, sweet Creatures of Love who are learning to finally be nothing but Love.
And finally I now hug all of you, you and us together in our affirmation of this sweetest Love, brothers, the Love that has been residing in your heart.
I am sweetly embracing you, happy to have been of help to all of you brothers,
You are Love, may you Be Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 14th December 2005
Title   Soul Why Does A Soul Choose To Be Born Messages
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