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The Meaning Of Existence Life On Earth

The Meaning Of Existence Life On Earth
My dear Attilio, as I promised, today I will dictate a message to answer your questions on the meaning of existence and on the efforts of all brothers to fully appreciate life and the experiences that life offers you.
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and sweet sisters, on the subject of life, look around you with your physical eyes, what do you see? Death or life? Those plants in front of your eyes talk about life, those creatures, animals, whom you often pet, do they talk of death or life? Those birds that sail the sky in swarms and speak to you of raising from the soil and flying into immortality, is there life or is there death?
Existence on earth of every reflection of what was built through the effort of many brothers, from water in your houses, to illumination in the streets, all electrical appliances, do they talk of death or life?
Existence is maybe more marked when you look around you, instead of looking at yourselves, at your own existence.
This is how we discover that the true sense of existence is inside our heart; all around us everything speaks of progress, of sweet creatures that react with cuddles to our manifestation of affection, even plants react to our cures, but it all starts from the heart, the great meaning of existence.
When all of you make a certain loving gesture from your heart, right then you feel life inside of you, life as an external manifestation of your sweet affection.
Communicating your affection verbally is to use your mind and your body to display the affection of your heart to those who are listening to you.
As always, in times like these, the feeling that starts from your own heart is that of existence, you are alive exactly because you feel these sweet emotions, this affection in your heart.
It's in these moments that the impression you get is that in this existence the Love mobilized in your heart and communicated or expressed or implemented outside of you has meaning.
This recognition of the ability to produce Love inside your heart, my dear brothers, is nothing other than recognition of your Soul. It's the Soul that experiments Love, it experiences a feeling of affection and Love inside and therefore what you are in the truth is a Soul.
Why should a Soul incarnate? Does it need to obtain awareness of what Love can produce? Why, doesn't a Soul already know how much Love it can produce? Why doesn't a Soul know it? Does it forget or, on the contrary, does it remember?
It's all written in your Soul, not even the smallest memory from the past is left out by your sweet Soul, so why then is it that once on earth it seems that your Soul, the Soul of each one of you brothers, quits talking spontaneously of its own affection and its own Love? What does all this having to search inside the heart for advice on Love from your Soul mean?
Over time you all experienced difficult moments, sad moments, painful moments, carefree moments, exhilarating moments where you could experience all of your happiness and joy, what does it mean to experiment? It means to feel the emotions of the Soul in your heart, to recognize the Soul as existing and the recognition of being a Soul always brings with it the recognition of being a Spirit, a Spirit of Love.
Existence, at this point, opens up to the doors of Love. If I listen to my heart, I listen to the sweet affection of the Love that is within me, Love that I deploy, Love to which I react, this means that in my being Love I listen to my Soul, therefore I am only Love and this is the most difficult obstacle inside you brothers, recognizing yourselves as you are, affection and Love and this is the project of recognition that you carry with you one earth when you choose to be born.
In this Paradise your Soul spoke for you, with affection and the Love you communicated with everyone in this holy place and your recognition, here with us, has always been your recognition in your being affection and Love, recognition which, over here, is spontaneous; on earth you have to learn to recognize yourselves as how you were when you are here with us, by listening carefully to the Love that is inside you and the Love that is expressed to others.
This recognition is without doubt more difficult on earth, contrasting feelings are born in your minds as a result of the experiences of your Being Love in contact with others and the impression that you often get by listening to your hearts is that of maybe being the only ones to feel inside yourselves that sweet feeling of Love, however my brothers this is simply the result of not all of you being in tune with your heart.
If you believe in canceling your manifestations of Love for your non-deserving brothers, and today there are many brothers who would not deserve it, all you will see is a self-impoverishment. By not experimenting your own Love, the sweetest feeling of Love, do you truly believe that you will achieve your project of recognizing yourselves as a Spirit, as a Soul, as Love? An impoverishment in the experimentation of the feelings will come to you, by impeding your own experimentation, therefore my brothers, let's think about this, if by taking away my affection, my brothers, let's think, if taking away my affection, this punishment aimed at others is actually a punishment to me, then who is actually being punished here? I did my project, but did I actually recognize myself as Soul, as affection, as Love, did I put all of my Love for others, to discover how much Love I contain? Did I actually notice that I was happy, expressing, just like here in the Sky by letting my Soul speak for me, expressing my affection, my Love?
On earth I declared that many were not deserving and now I realize that I experimented far less that what I had set out to, the next time I will let my Love speak of my affection and of my great Love. At that point, my brothers, you are already planning another return on earth.
Infinite returns, my brothers, until you will no longer notice that it's much more important for you to experiment yourselves in your Being Love than refraining from donating to others.
Another important question my brothers and my sweetest sisters is the recognition of the Father as the one who, with His Love, has allowed each one of us brothers to be here to experiment ourselves. Do you believe that Love can convince each child to sweetly experiment himself in their Being Love? This, for all of you, will be the subject of the next message that I will dictate, because very many experiences, difficult experiences, are experimented based on your specific project, you are the masters of your project and we only send help, but it's you brothers who choose even difficult projects, to establish yourselves, to recognize yourselves in your being Soul, Love.
So, reflecting on what I told you today, my mission is done, to help you always, all of you, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, to always and finally make Love available for your conscious growth.
A big thank you to everybody, my increasingly more aware brothers, my brothers oriented toward the truth, aware till then end of a conscious recognition of your Being Love.
A big kiss once again today,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 11th December 2005
Title   The Meaning Of Existence Life On Earth
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