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Reincarnation Why Reincarnation Concept Of Reincarnation

Reincarnation Why Reincarnation Concept Of Reincarnation
Many many wishes for the new year that is about to begin. This year, every day, my adored brothers and my adored sisters, you will be ever more aware of your Being Love; by experimenting with opportunities, you become aware within your own recognition of the splendid Love that is inside you; fully aware you experiment with opportunities to feel yourselves this sweet Love, this great Love. Accept every situation that comes in your path that will begin in the new year, aware of the fact that every situation can allow you to experiment yourselves, being Love and receiving Love. May this important knowledge, which we will support lovingly, guide you through the sweet new year that is preparing to enable you with Love to experiment more and more happily the same Love that you are experimenting.
My brothers, today I chose this topic, reincarnation, to help you understand many things that unfortunately are still unknown to you who live in these continents where there is only talk of one life, one only existence on earth and then Paradise for eternity.
Once upon a time I spoke of reincarnation, however back then death was conceived as the end of everything.
There were also concepts of Paradise, however for the majority of the brothers, death was the end of it all. This is the main reason, my brothers, why my teachings were not received in the same way as many other concepts and teachings. Back then there was no writing, everything was entrusted on memories and this is another reason why the concept of reincarnation was not properly presented as a teaching.
Back then many things that would subsequently be written down were easily lost and in that time the pressure to delete or modify potentially dangerous concepts was great, and this too is a reason why today there are few of you to correctly understand reincarnation, the concept of reincarnation.
This is why I decided to speak to you of this topic by taking up again the concepts that I presented over the course of time to many brothers of yours in the Sky and on earth.
To our eyes, the concept of reincarnation means to give the possibility to experiment your Love. Over the course of one life you can experiment a lot, my brothers, every situation can be experimented my brothers, experimentations oriented toward the affection you have for all of your brohters.
Experimentations oriented toward receiving affection from your brohters; experimentations oriented toward the research of your own spiritual identity both as a recognition of your own selves as children of the Father and as brothers amongst us; experimentations oriented toward the condition of distance from the Source of the First Love, the existence in full autonomy; experimentations the inside of the physical body oriented toward the existence of your Soul through the feelings of your heart.
The concept is exactly that of experimenting yourselves in the many situations to recognize yourselves also on earth as a Being of Love, spiritual creatures incarnated at a certain time to be able to experiment themselves within the physical body as a Soul.
One life, my brothers, offers you so many, so very many opportunities that, actually, even through one single life, if experimented each moment of the way, would be able to teach you everything. However, my brothers, how many of you, unaware in their memories, really live their reincarnation so intensely? This unawareness in your memories allows freedom, allows to remember in the heart exactly through experimentation.
You now understand my brothers, that managing to experiment every single situation through one single life is not what you do in reality.
Existence begins with a heart that leans toward this recognition and this heart is ready to experiment itself constantly, however, alas, my brothers, later, mainly through education oriented toward the mind, in your heart the listening of your Love is interrupted, education means, for you, also contact with other brothers, with the doubts that they thmelseves have built over the course of their lives, and the gap between you and your heart grows exponentially according to how many doubts of your brothers you come across. And the existence, the existence that today you are beginning to look again starting from the Spirit, your existence contemplates more and more your materiality, your needs for things and ways to procure things; existence is impregnated with materiality as opposed to experimentation of the Spirit.
Everybody will have moments where many questions regarding the Spirit, the existence of the Spirit, will be looking for answers, it’s normal, you are Spirit and these questions come from your heart, however how many adored brothers seek answers? One brother every four looks for answers, one brother every four forgets to have had this question in the first place, one brothers every four makes up his own theory as an answer, one brother every four thinks that the answer will come by itself over time.
You are concentrated today to know the real answers to your questions and your existence produces, and will produce, a greater baggage of awareness than that of your brothers and your existence produces and will produce a greater awareness of your recognition of your Spirit; existence for you will certainly be more productive, however, brothers, Love wants awareness for everybody, for every single person, all brothers of the entire world, and to achieve this collective awareness it’s necessary that today your unaware brothers be given opportunities to reflect and rediscover their Being Love even inside themselves.
Reincarnation gives them a new chance and gives all of you, once you decided, another opportunity to experiment yourselves even more in your Being Spirit.
Reincarnation is the opportunity to experiment yourselves in your Being Spirit, this is reincarnation.
Sometimes if, when you speak, you notice that for your brothers reincarnation equals to payback time for mistakes made in a different life, expiation of mistakes, reparation of errors, remember that for us reincarnation is to donate the opportunity to experiment yourselves as a Spirit; reincarnation is a gift to your Spirit to be able to grow within the Spirit and acquire full knowledge of being Spirit, Spirit of Love.
Brothers, may this topic be of guidance to you and may it bring you with greater awareness to begin a new long year with the specific intent to take advantage of every opportunity to experiment yourselves as Being Love.
My words as always are for you, my teachings will accompany you, our great Love is for you and will accompany your Love in your growth, always for you my precious brothers and sweet and precious sisters, my sweet Love that you have now been experimenting for a while.
With Love for everybody
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 28th December 2005
Title   Reincarnation Why Reincarnation Concept Of Reincarnation
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