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Love The Word Love State Of Mind Or State Of The Heart

Love The Word Love State Of Mind Or State Of The Heart
My dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, happy New Year and so we begin this New Year together, by talking about Love with all of you.
In our opinion many brothers use the word Love to define a state of mind instead of defining a state of the heart. I often notice that even you prefer to define Love as a concept, as a possibility of transmitting a certain feeling toward others, as opposed to starting right from your heart, in respect of your feeling, to be able to communicate through your body, your behaviour and even your words.
Many brothers take the liberty of saying the word Love without actually meaning it, creating expectations of feelings that are not then expressed through their behaviour.
Often this word is mentioned superficially as a feeling of tenderness, of pleasure and of openness, but this Love is not in the heart, and to these brothers it becomes a reason to say the word Love.
Some other brothers sometimes prefer to say the word Love because their brother feels the need to hear it and this too results in a shallow word.
There are numerous occasions where you pronounce the word Love without meaning it, feeling it, inside your heart.
This produces a feeling of disappointment the moment you discover the superficiality of the feeling, disappointing other people if you yourself have superficially uttered the word Love or on the contrary disappointment inside your heart if this word Love was said to you by other people.
Why is it that I have the impression that often the word Love, my brothers, is born from your mind and not from your heart?
The reason is that on those occasions your heart does not light up, it stays calm, quiet, while when you pronounce the word Love as a reflection of your feeling of Love, the heart becomes an explosion of luminous light, a beautiful show of colours and light and my eyes, picking up the truth, see that light inside the heart.
Many brothers believe that the light in the heart will light up only over here in this Paradise, my brothers, here in Paradise this explosion of light is visible because the eyes of the Spirit can perceive it, but even in your state as a Spirit incarnated into a physical body, my eyes, our eyes, can truly see the presence inside your heart of the show of light that lights up, or alternatively the quiet and calm of your heart.
My brothers, you are not yet able to perceive this with your physical eyes, however, in my opinion, you can feel the explosion of light inside your heart, as a sensation of great serenity that envelops you completely; as a Soul you can experiment this sensation of being surrounded completely by Love in this situation, the explosion of light becomes a feeling inside your heart, a feeling of interest for the other person, on top of everything else. This is the signal, the sign, of the explosion inside your heart of your feeling of Love.
Think back right now at how many times, how many occasions you have already had where, in that specific time, there was no sign at all of the existence of your feelings of affectionate opening toward other people.
This feeling of only looking at Love, my brothers, corresponds to the feeling that you are experimenting inside your heart, and you notice how the experience of explosion of light and colour inside your heart assumes this simultaneousness with your sensation of feeling Love that grabs you completely.
Brothers, many of you believe that this opportunity only happens in specific moments of one’s life, when your feelings rush and take over you all of a sudden; my brothers this is not correct; in specific times passion amplifies the listening to the heart and you are much more aware from within your heart, but there are countless opportunities, my brothers, where the passion that has now gone is still expressed from inside your heart and this feeling, which is so evident during those moments of passion, can be sweetly listened to if you only pay attention to it when it feels like there is nothing left that has any meaning other than your own feeling you have toward that person in that specific moment.
You feel inside your heart that only that certain person matters and the physical eyes look at that person, lighting up from that very person.
This is the feeling, for you, the existence of the other person, at that moment in time, and only of the other person.
My loved brothers at that point you are experimenting Love, exclusive interest at that moment in time, for the person that is in front of you, and your existence stops for a moment and you are completely focused in noticing the existence of the other person; my brothers, this is Love, the feeling that you are experimenting is called Love, go ahead and touch this feeling because it’ real, it’s inside you, it speaks to you of what you truly are, you are Love inside your heart and by experimenting it you are able to say to yourselves 'Yes, I am Love', only this great feeling of Love will define you, I am Love because I am experimenting this feeling, I did not learn it, they did not pass it on to me, I did not read it in books, but I experiment it because I am Love, a creature that can feel his Love because it’s only Love, because it’s born from the Love and lives on Love.
Once again many wishes my adored brothers and my adored sisters, right now I only have you in my eyes and the feeling that I have, the light that bursts from the heart of your brother Jesus Christ, is so great as to blind every one of you and the feeling that I have is to want to wish you from my heart to be just like I am right now, Love, that starting from the heart, from its feeling, sends Love to all brothers and to all of my loved sisters.
A billion of kisses
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message dictated 1.1.2006
Title   Love The Word Love State Of Mind Or State Of The Heart
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