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Incarnation Being A Spirit On Earth Spirit In A Body

Incarnation Being A Spirit On Earth Spirit In A Body
As always, welcome, my adored brothers and my adored sisters, I took the liberty of taking notes during a phone call between sweet Sara to sweet Attilio. Attilio, I love you as always, however please allow me to comment on your words that I read on your message and that determined my reply to your letter to me, a reply that, I assure you, did not mean to instil useless doubts in you, but to just sweetly give you the only Truth.
My brothers, you are in the Sky my sweet brothers and you await the chance for a new incarnation, you plan your journey and you await happily for the moment in which you will be born into your new body. Incarnation, it’s good to repeat this, for us represents an extremely important gift to you, it’s the opportunity to experiment yourselves in your being a Spirit while you are on earth. In this message I have come to explain to you in detail the reason for these repeated incarnations.
The Spirit needs to be experimented as a Spirit in a body, ever since the time many unhappy brothers next to the Father requested the possibility to experiment themselves far away from the Father and asked for the ability to procreate.
This is our story, my dear Attilio and my dear brothers, this is the Truth. I know that it’s difficult to believe this story, because today when you look around you it seems impossible that what you see could be born out of a desire for autonomy and from a desire to procreate and actually all of this is not the result of these desires, however it’s the result of what has happened when incarnation did become possible.
To be able to move around on earth and to be able to procreate, the physical body needed to be of a solid nature, just like the rest of the creation, however inside your physical body, with a different density, there is also embedded the Soul. This situation, my brothers, is such that, to the physical eye, the lack of perception beyond the physical body caused, as we had feared, for those brothers to no longer perceive themselves as an incarnated Spirit but as a physical body and material reality.
This caused many experiences where the reality is earth and the physical body, a reality that was then denied to the Spirit.
With the first incarnations, the denied Spirit was only reaffirmed at the time of the return to this Home, however imagine that dissatisfaction of those brothers for whom the non-existent Spirit then manifested itself as the main component.
The disappointment of the initial desire of many of those brothers, their frustration, lead these brothers to ask again for a new experimentation and so to ask to return again on earth, with the hope for a recognition of their Spirit and therefore of the Love of every brother as an opportunity to build the famous Paradise on earth, within their own autonomy.
The situation did not change, once on earth, many more brothers previously on earth would forget about the Spirit and the Love, and selfishness began to spread on earth.
This is why our Father decided to match a Guardian Angel for each of these brothers, and many of us were asked to descend on earth to help them not forget their Spirit and to help them in their recognition of being Love.
This is truthfully what happened then.
Since those days up until now many brothers have descended, with their journeys and many brothers no longer need to experiment themselves again as a Spirit within a physical body, they have learned and it’s not longer necessary to descend.
However many are those brothers who still need to learn, to understand that the Spirit is their own identity and the Spirit is Love and, consequently, a manifestation of Love.
Many incarnated Spirits still have the task to help others and in the meantime they also experiment their being a Spirit in an incarnated body as an experience, as a possibility to help other brothers in the best possible way in their recognition of their Spirit.
Proof of this is written inside you my brothers; if you listen to the many manifestations of your Love, these numerous manifestations will put the presence of your being Spirit in front of your physical eyes.
Research, in all its manifestations, is research of the manifestations of your being Spirit.
I am sorry to notice that sometimes you lose your focus while searching for your Spirit, looking for theories that are understandable at the light of your own reasoning, looking to assure yourselves that the Spirit truly exists.
In those moments you renounce the Spirit without even knowing it; finding your Spirit is simple, by listening, experimenting your own being Love in all its manifestations, the Spirit presents itself in front of your eyes.
That confusion that I sometimes see inside your hearts, my Attilio and my brothers, is confusion that stems from the non-experimenting oneself as a carrier of Love and therefore Spirit, but stemming from the famous research of the truth through theories and various tangible manifestations, measurable through those tools made available by the scientific world. This is why I say 'confusion', because you confuse a research that has at its core Love and Spirit with a research of tangible proofs of the existence of the Spirit and when I use the term 'renouncing the Spirit' I mean precisely that questioning until a proof is obtained, a scientifically proved proof of your condition of an incarnated Spirit.
This amounts to confusion to me, because this takes you further away from the Truth and does not get you near the Truth.
Once you understand this, my brothers, beyond our apparitions and manifestations, which serve the purpose, it’s worth reminding, of sustaining faith, Faith in our presence and consequently sustaining the Faith in the Spirit of brothers, any possible machinery that is available to you today will never be able to give you foolproof evidence that you are a Spirit, you are Love.
Embrace this truth and experiment your heart in every manifestation and your Spirit will manifest in front of your eyes.
Come to the rescue, help, love, caress, go through your journey of life like children giving affection and Love and welcome this affection and Love that you will meet on the way, and by loving and welcoming Love, truly experiment the Spirit that is yourselves.
I still have so many words to share with you, however for the moment, my brothers, it would be useful for you to re-read this and accept what I have dictated to you so far. Then we will continue, because you are on earth, you are all on earth to recognize yourselves as a Spirit and these dictations are designed to help you in your journey.
We will say goodbye here for today, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, these messages help you stop questioning any further, the Truth is only one: you are Spirit and every path you choose helps recognize your being a Spirit. This is the path and this is the Truth, we understand many things in this Sky, but helping you is always our firm commitment toward each one of you.
Brothers, I love you with all of myself
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 4th January 2006
Title   Incarnation Being A Spirit On Earth Spirit In A Body
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