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Incarnation The Project Agreed With The Sky Before Incarnation

Incarnation The Project Agreed With The Sky Before Incarnation
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s continue on the topic of incarnation.
Today, if possible, I would like to talk to you about your individual projects that were agreed with us in this Sky before your incarnation.
My brothers, I plan on clarifying many aspects for you and this is why I am not sure if we will need any further messages, let’s start right away.
Your project, it’s worth repeating, concerns your experimentation as a Spirit, as a Spirit incarnated into a physical body, as an opportunity for contact, for recognition of your own being Spirit, Love, in spite of the lack of perception of the Spirit itself.
As I taught you, incarnation as an opportunity, as a gift from the Father to allow recognition, is based on a project that is agreed upon here in the Sky.
If you remember I had mentioned that almost all of you, actually, still choose projects that challenge you in your being Love, as opposed to choosing sweet ways in which to experiment yourselves.
Here in the Sky, may I remind you, you can always count on our constant help, in full respect, however, of the choices that you made for your own incarnations.
For example, a “sweetest way” to help you understand what I mean by “sweetest way” is that of choosing Love as an opportunity to freely help others without many financial problems that may hinder you; a “sweet way” could be embracing completely a specific project to see it through to the end in the interest of all of us children, without any major events during the life that may disrupt that project, causing us to abandon it over the course of life; another “sweet way” could be to dedicate your life to the experimentation of Love dedicated to others, in an environment that is always pleasant and happy.
Despite our advice on the sweet ways of incarnation, all too often we still witness brothers choosing complex journeys and you enrich your complex journeys by choosing opportunities to add challenges immediately after a very favourable event for your project of recognition; doubt and lack of faith are amongst the most common challenges; even the challenge of other people with different thoughts are very common, and your special projects, outside of the most common projects of life, are continually challenged and this too is very often part of the programming.
Then the challenge continues into the choice of various illnesses while not supported by Love, by the help of other brothers or by projects that are not possible for a Soul at your level of evolution because it’s impossible, my brothers, for those who are still growing in their awareness, to accept the many challenges that only a completely evolved Soul would be able to see to completion.
Why these challenges? Why do you almost always challenge yourselves to then find yourselves from the beginning of your incarnation with brothers who can not give you the necessary support for the realization of your projects? Why do you involve many people to disturb your projects, instead of surrounding yourselves with people who can help you, insisting on it, to realize your project?
We always witness these choices, why do you not listen to us?
On the experience I can tell you what I see in the hearts, it’s hope, a great hope to manage to affirm your Love despite everything.
In part, being in Paradise, seeing it, seeing yourselves as a Spirit, as Love inside you and your brothers, carries its own responsibility.
Seeing how much time we employ to help you, sending you the words that will encourage you, that will comfort you, seeing this availability of the Sky for you, this too has its own responsibility, however despite the fact that once on earth the advice you receive will disappear to the eyes of the physical body, you still go ahead and choose challenges, because to the eyes of your Spirit, in that specific moment, you recognize yourselves so completely as a Spirit, as Love that you believe that this awareness is truly, and strongly, cemented inside of you. And advice becomes dramatization to your eyes and even though you can witness through the eyes of the Spirit the many brothers upon earth and you notice their great, enormous difficulty in recognizing themselves as Spirit, you believe that those brothers forgot, and that to you the possibility for research will never be missing. And all of you, brothers, plan to research, however it’s not sufficient to plan for research because research must be followed up and research for the truth is born form the heart and if there is no contact with the heart how can the research be taking place?
Nevertheless, over here you are all convinced that it’s truly impossible not to notice your heart and in fact these brothers are right, it’s truly impossible not to notice your heart, your affection, the affection of other brothers, however some of you brothers, who are implementing your research, have experimented just how difficult it is to listen to your own heart as a manifestation of your being Spirit. When you understand every manifestation of Love as a manifestation of your being Spirit, your research can be achieved, much data, a lot of information help you from that moment on to take courage in your experimenting yourselves as Spirit, as Love and growth proceed very rapidly from that moment on, however the act of listening to your own heart as a manifestation of your being Spirit is without doubt very simple but it can be extremely complicated.
It’s sufficient for you to take a quick look around you to give meaning to the words “very complicated”.
Why, my brothers?
Do people with power on earth have no heart? Do those who are in charge, those who make decisions for communities, do they not have a heart? Those who fight on earth, do they not have a heart? Those who kill, rape, exploit, humiliate, abuse physically, do they not have a heart?
No, my brothers, even the most evil person does have a heart, he too is a Spirit inside a physical body, it’s just that he does not understand that putting Love or not putting Love is not a choice dictated by the Spirit (from the Spirit the choice is only Love), but by a mental recognition from the act of looking around himself. Why should I be Spirit, Love, when others show to me that Spirit, Love do not exist?
This is therefore the thought that involves you at many levels, that transforms a creature born from Love into a person who no longer listens to his own heart, his Spirit, his Essence, who no longer recognizes his great nature.
How many times, so many times my loved brothers and my loved sisters, have these same thoughts been your own thoughts too? Numerous, truly numerous times and if today you are here, listening to me, is because you have completely overcome your challenge and this is the reason why, my brothers, you have to be proud of yourselves, because, my brothers, your example can be of help to many brothers of yours who by looking around themselves can see, of course they can see the non-Love, but they can also see the Love expressed by all of you, rays of Love that brighten up and open up to the hope from the rediscovery of the heart that they too have inside, the rediscovery of their being Spirit, rediscovery of their true nature, Love since forever inside the heart of all of us brothers.
And while you continue with your precious research, if you could see with my own eyes, you are becoming beams of light to many people, beams that have the power to remind your brothers that they are Love, let’s all unite, brothers, in our Love, from the earth and from the Sky let’s illuminate with hope and certainty the entire earth, let’s hug each other tight, tight, tight, and let’s open up a hand to those brothers to welcome them with compassion to the research of Love inside their hearts.
Inside the hearts a spark lights up, feed with your sweetest Love the Love in your brothers.
With Love we remain so close, to my heart it’s so nice that I would stay like this forever with all of you, embracing and embraced in Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ, forever your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 8th January 2006
Title   Incarnation The Project Agreed With The Sky Before Incarnation
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