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To Be An Example Of A Heart In Action For The Brothers

To Be An Example Of A Heart In Action For The Brothers
My dear and loved brothers and my dear and loved sisters, I noticed that many of you changed your perspective of your brothers after reading my last message. I have always reminded you that the same heart is beating inside each one of us, the same Spirit, the same Love, this is what I always tell you and this is what I will always remind you of.
Your example, my brothers, says how every brother teaches to another brother. The example, my dear ones, is constant in its experience, much more than you are willing to admit to yourselves and to others.
Why do I say this? Life is observing, it's giving, it's receiving, and, my brothers inside this movement of Love each person learns, in the contact amongst you, how a certain heart operates; this recognition is an example, my brothers; you constantly learn from your brothers how a heart operates. To you that brother is an example of a heart in action, and inside yourselves, inside your own hearts you react to the example from that brother. The answer that you will give from your heart may mirror the heart in front of you or may mirror in its contents your own heart. At that time my brothers, it's you, it's your heart that is the example to the other brother's heart.
Do you react to that brother by affirming with your example the original example from that brother, or instead do you mirror to your brother the content of the Love in your own heart? These are choices that your heart makes all the time, do you react to the example of that brother by affirming the example that he sent you, or instead do you put all of your Love to donate, to send yourselves, for example, a heart that throbs with Love?
Let's reflect my brothers.
I have an example that I want to submit to you. Let's say for example that, one day, a brother asks you to help him with a problem he has because he is having difficulties facing it alone. That day, for one reason or another, you are very busy. In front of you there is a heart that is asking for help, and inside you there is a heart that promises to help.
The situation changes, the person who is asking you for help is somebody who sends to his brothers very little availability, this is the example of that heart, selfishness brings him to send as an example an extremely limited availability.
The person is still in front of you.
You now have two ways you can make. You can take the first way, affirming the example of your brother with your own example. You are very busy and despite the fact that inside your heart there the desire to help is alive, you believe that your availability as an example will not be appreciated; that brother, you think, could learn much more from the experience in his heart of feeling his own availability being denied, which he is an example of right now, so you procrastinate your help. In this case your example affirms his own example. Then there is another road, you have evaluated that this brother really needs your availability right then, and you choose as an experience of teaching, to listen to your heart, to listen to all of your Love and to give your availability to that brother, right now, immediately. Your example, in this case, mirrors your heart, mirrors your Love, your example teaches about your instant availability.
You fear that this example will bring that brother to solve his problem without learning about availability, about a heart without selfishness, an example of a heart that is being listened to in its being Love.
Brothers, both examples speak of a teaching that is truly constant between brothers.
Answer the question and then listen to my considerations. By observing the emotions, the Love inside your heart, I believe I can tell you what the reactions are to your example. Let's begin with the first choice: the brother, seeing his own example being affirmed, will feel that your availability, the one that brought him to ask you for help, is not a wonderful availability, you could help him by answering with your availability but you choose not to offer it, the most likely example that he will feel is that you are like him, you have availability but you also have selfishness and in reality you demonstrate both selfishness and availability. From your lack of availability that brother will believe he is in the right, the absence of availability toward his brothers justifies in his heart his own same selfishness and his own unavailability. Your example affirmed to him the validity of his own example and your original intention to make him learn in his own heart the experience of pain from unavailability, my brothers, will not even be considered.
Let's look inside the heart to see what happens in the other case.
By looking at your availability, that brother is first of all happy, from that moment on you will face the problem together. This thought inside his heart and this happiness bring him to watch you even more carefully, you are smiling, you do not seem irritated, on the contrary you are available and serene; from the inside of his heart is born a desire to live this experience of availability and serenity; so he watches you even more carefully; he knows that you have a lot of things to do but, faced with his request for help, you have put your other things aside in order to help; and this experience tells him that in some brothers their availability is complete in times of need and he feels in his heart how much Love you feel in order to answer with your immediate availability; 'Is this the secret to be serene? Is it in the Love?' This is what his heart is asking right then, indeed it is possible then, despite all the things that need to be done, availability is offered with serenity, yes, it's the Love, it must be Love that brings serenity. There is no doubt, this experience of availability speaks of Love to that heart. Who knows if I can also have the opportunity to experiment this Love, this availability with pleasure, who knows if I could experiment it too? The next time around that I can experiment it, I want to try. My brothers this is the example that teaches how to be, how to experiment starting from Love. It will be very unlikely that your brother will continue to ask you because your example is an inspiration to him to experiment himself the next time around, to manage to be like you, available and serene. Often my brothers there are people who send you constant requests for help, in my eyes these brothers have more need for availability to accept problems that they may have one day, sudden necessities, as opposed to a real and concrete need at that time of their request for help; availability, my brothers, does not mean to comply with every request, availability means to be of help in times of need and, my brothers, it's always right of you to evaluate if there is a need for help or if there is only a need for your famous availability on that famous important day. Evaluate and communicate with serenity what you think and the heart of that person will treasure your availability because it will be able to rely on you for the Love that you have in your heart.
Let's conclude today's message with a reflection.
I spoke, brothers, of what there is in heart of the brother that asked for help, and while you truly evaluate this teaching to put it in your future, ask yourselves this question: How would you heart feel, my brothers, when answering with either availability or unavailability? And while you reflect on this, accept the Love of a brother who is famous for his availability and who taught you a lot on Love, do you agree my brothers? I am happy, really happy and this is the precise expression of what I feel inside my heart, this effort, my brothers, this availability, brings me to speak to you directly from the heart about the Love that I feel for each one of you my much loved brothers and for you, my sweetest and much loved sisters.
With all of my great Love for all of you,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 11th January 2006
Title   To Be An Example Of A Heart In Action For The Brothers
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