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Availability and Non-Availability Teaching

Availability and Non-Availability Teaching on the Love in the Heart


Availability and Non-Availability Teaching : my much, much loved brothers and sisters, let’s continue again today to talk of examples, of this constant movement of Love between you that talks from the inside of your heart, about your Love and the Love that every moment you choose to deploy for your brothers and also for yourselves; the last time I concluded my message with a question, I will remind you of it, because this question will be the subject of my next teaching.


The question was exactly “Dear Brothers, how would you feel if from your own heart, when answering a brother who has asked something from you, you answered by heeding your Love and giving all of your availability, or on the contrary, if you answered by choosing non-availability?


With the eyes of Love today I am looking inside your heart when you answer by using your availability, and when you choose non-availability.


Let’s take up again the example we used last time; you decided that for that brother his availability is extremely limited by his own selfishness and you thought that for the selfishness of the brother it is necessary to have a teaching on non-availability; you are grateful for the trust that the brother brought by asking you his request for help, but your numerous commitments make it impossible for you to be available right away. You are only feeling bad that you were not available, but you think that someone else will be able to help him. With a smile on your face, you say goodbye to that brother and you continue with your work.


What happens inside your heart? Instantly the thought of this situation comes to your mind and to your heart, and as you listen to yourselves, you notice that it is impossible to take up again your previous commitments before having dedicated some time to your thoughts and to your heart.


Many of you do not even manage to concentrate with the thought on very important things, before having answered in their hearts and in their minds questions about their own availability.


That brother asked for help, now he left, he probably looked for someone else, a person like me who can help him. Who knows if he will meet him, I was a negative example, but in any case, that brother has never helped anybody, why should my priority be on him now, of course, the example that I gave him does not teach much about faith, about the Love that I feel inside the heart, about life, about changing it, with the example that we are all brothers, with the help, truly sincere help, I brought with my heart a negative example by not listening to the Love that I felt growing inside me. And now I am in doubt, was I an example of love or not for that brother, will he ask himself why I did not help him, or will he say “that’s what I expected from him anyway” and will be seeking someone who will truly give him his availability. Now I shall call him, that brother who asked for my help, let’s try to give him my availability, my mind and heart are on that subject now, and I am not able to do much else anyway. Now I will focus, light up my availability, and call him.


Over the phone that brother sounds happy, he will be with you in a moment. A few more moments and the door bell rings.


It’s not always the case that you give your immediate full availability, sometimes you need to reflect to take this decision.


Your brother arrived, you are realizing what is about to happen to your heart.


When the bell rings, a sweet smile from the heart comes to your lips and in the heart your feel like a sweet emotion, the sweetest emotion that comes from the heart and surrounds you completely like a sweet embrace, and instantly, as you open the door, you are already surrounded by Love.


Why is that?


Let’s listen to your sweetest heart, the mind listens and your sweetest heart expresses itself.


And here I am, I am the love inside this sweetest heart, the brother who needed an experience of Love, and I can give him this experience; I am light, sweet Spirit, so, Love is inside me now, and now as a Spirit, as Love I am tending to my brothers, what am I feeling, happiness, a lot of happiness, this light, this feeling of Love that I am experiencing brings me to be first of all heart, Love, for me and for this brother; what is illuminating me is the experience of being Love, my feeling Love is so tangible that this recognition places in front of my eyes my own nature, so, this is how I am, a heart that feels, that feels itself, a heart that beats for the possibility to bring out, to the eyes of others, the Love that is inside me. After all, being a good example is no longer important for me right now, what is important for me right now is to feel myself as a heart, it’s feeling myself as light, it’s being able to feel myself from inside my own heart, it’s being able to feel myself and how big my Love is, it’s feeling myself like this, what is important to me right now is this recognition and everything I am feeling is because that brother asked me for help, I thank you brother, because by helping you, you are giving me the possibility to feel myself as Love, you are giving me a beautiful experience, the recognition of me as Love.


Now I realize more and more that I am not the one who gave the example in this contact between us, you are the example for me, how much Love you are holding on to, instead of giving it out, how can you afford to do that, how can you withhold it, you are withholding life itself, what kind of happiness can you feel if you hold back your own happiness? It is inside the heart, when we feel that we are being Love that is the source of our happiness, I feel bad for you, but I am extremely happy for me, for my recognition of being Love, for being sweetly in contact with my heart and with all of my Love that I am discovering more and more, even stronger inside me.


And he is observing you, and listening to you as you talk an help him out, and as he looks at you he asks “Where does his serenity come from, it must be really Love that he is experiencing, that gives this serenity. The next time I too want to experience this serenity by being available”.


So, simultaneously, these two brothers are experimenting, one is experimenting himself as Love and the other is giving himself the possibility to experiment himself as Love in the future.


My brothers, many questions from your brothers allow you to experiment yourselves in your being Love, and for those brothers, the example that you give promotes the possibility to experiment themselves in turn.


And now, my brothers, the next time you will meet a person in need, thank them because the experience you will gain is important, just as much as the experience that the brother will have, thanks to your availability.


My brothers, with this I conclude my teaching, while you continue to help. It’s truly beautiful, don’t you think? These are just words, however the experience is emotions. To be is not words. To be is to feel. Love is to Be and to Feel yourselves being Love.


Brothers, my sisters, I thank you for the attention and I embrace you with all of my enormous Love for each one of you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Availability and Non-Availability Teaching on the Love in the Heart as the Message transmitted 15th January 2006




Availability and Non-Availability Teaching on the Love in the Heart


Availability and Non-Availability Teaching


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