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The Word Of God The Father The Search To Always Be Love

The Word Of God The Father The Search To Always Be Love
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, here I am with you today once again to help you with your precious contact with your heart, with the Love that has been inside you since forever.
It’s been a long time, and I have seen the birth in your hearts of the search for the possibility to always be Love; this search, truly almost constant now, my brothers, brought you to understand this feeling of Love in its many manifestations and it’s becoming easier for you to activate it.
We witness this search with great joy inside our hearts, my brothers you are wonderful and there is no better time than today, while we are talking of hearts, to show you this joy that we ourselves experiment inside our hearts in watching you.
My much-loved brothers and my much-loved sisters, the Father today would like to speak with you a little.
Brothers, let’s listen to Him all together, us brothers in the Sky and you brothers on earth.
My much-loved children, truly the inside of my heart is where I am feeling an immense Love for my children, all of my children, those of you here next to me now and those of you who are listening to my words dictated and those of you who read them through these messages.
My children, the joy that I am feeling now is immense, many times I told you how much I myself Love you, these are words that not always you are able to grasp inside your own hearts, emotions, sweet, very sweet emotions that I send your hearts with all of my Love; my sweet children now we use words to send you this sweet feeling of a Father who Loves his children.
Sweet, very sweet, wonderful children of mine, today it’s your Father who is sending His Love to all of you; so many times I healed you, many times I have been in your thoughts and I pointed out the reasons for your problems, many times I have been next to you, many times while you were suffering and many, many other times, in times of joy, so many times I supported you, and understood you, and forgiven you because you are growing up and mistakes are necessary to learn, so many times I wondered myself how to better help you, how to help you more in respect with the choices that you made and I found that the best way to help you was to also allow my son to contact all of you.
It’s been a very long time since then and I am now noticing how much you have truly grown up and have affirmed your Love toward yourselves and your brothers.
The joy that you give me just by looking at you is immense; in our Sky your brothers are looking at the progress that you are always making and they are discovering inside themselves, through their observing you, many situations that are similar to those that they had lived before, faced while on earth with the same sweet Love that they would have used now that they are here in Paradise, while your brothers discover the possibility in their next descent to try to apply themselves even more in the search for the messages that we will constantly dictate and while reading, just like you are doing now, they will learn from the messages to send Love, live like Love, Be Love, even down there, on earth.
I told you that it’s been a long time, but it’s a long time in your terms, if you could see how many brothers are just recently approaching these new messages for the first time.
My children, my sweetest children, learn to always be an example to your other brothers, the world can be illuminated with light if each one of you takes on the responsibility through the contact with your own heart, to be as much as possible in synch with your great Love that you possess. Soon the light of Love will illuminate your planet, if you individually choose to experiment yourselves more and more as Love.
There are many of your brothers who are waiting for an example of Love to give them the opportunity to light up hope in their own hearts and in the world which can be rebuilt precisely by starting from Love.
My loved children, every time you resort to your being Love you are transforming the existence for all of these children of mine on earth, be conscious of the fact that you are all together, and there are many of you my children, that that current 'single' is actually a sweet 'plural', there are many of you, sweetest stars of mine, who are illuminating earth, and right now it’s possible to continue to illuminate your brothers with your great Love and to continue to stretch this 'plural' out as much as possible.
This is what I wanted to tell you my sweet children, plural, you have become a plural, a vast plural that talks about Love. A very important light to finally make many hearts shine, Love, that Love that I donated to you to allow you to experiment the feeling of happiness.
Here in Paradise this emotion is felt by all of us, because over here Love reigns over everything and everybody, now on earth, lighting up the Love that you have rediscovered inside you, affirming your sweet Love, you can affirm on earth the sweetest Love, the original Love that governs everything, justice is governed by Love, fraternity is governed by Love, equality is governed by Love, because existence, in order to be governed by Love, needs to see Love affirmed in the first place.
My sweet children I have always more hope in my heart that in a short time you will manage to see Love affirming itself more and more, this is what I tell you, take Love as example, express all of your Love, be an example of your Love and help your other brothers to be in turn an example of Love for all others.
For now we will say goodbye, you should be able to feel my Love even more, right next to you at all times because, my sweet children, when you experiment your sweet Love you experiment your Father inside you and to experiment your Father inside you means to be joined to me.
With all of my great Love, my much loved sons and my much loved daughters,
Your Father from the sky for all of His children
Message translated 18th January 2006
Title   The Word Of God The Father The Search To Always Be Love
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