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Emotions Of Anger Lack Of Recognition Demands

Emotions Of Anger Lack Of Recognition Demands
Sweetest and loved brothers and sweetest and loved sisters, I am always at your side, to help you put your Love under every circumstance.
Today, while we are dictating, many brothers have inside their hearts emotions of anger toward some other brother, these emotions of anger do not allow those brothers to express their Love as Love would prefer to do all the time.
My loved brothers, my loved sisters, there are very many situations you live in contact with your other brothers that can generate emotions that are very negative inside your hearts.
This lack of recognition is often at the base of this emotion of anger. Many disillusions, conflicts and many circumstances can bring you to not feel very considered, to not feel recognized, there are many brothers who demand from you without considering that your effort comes from Love, from nothing else other than Love. To be considered, brothers, almost always means to see the Love that you put every moment being recognized. For these brothers, their demands are in answer to specific needs and do not consider that it’s exactly your Love that allows you to help them; what do you expect? Can Love ever be demanded? No, Love always comes from the heart as a reply to the desire to be useful at a time of need, it’s a spontaneous feeling inside the heart when a brother meet a brother in need. Why do you demand? If I don’t feel that you need help, how can the desire to help you come up in me, which in turn activates the Love that is inside me?
To demand means to not see anybody else other than myself and my many needs, the feeling of Love that is in me; this situation gives me anger and generates many reactions of annulment and anger.
My brother, you too are a heart because we can communicate our needs with our hearts instead of using our minds which constantly tell us ‘nobody is willing to really help me’’; concentrate on your heart, my dear and sweet brother, and let’s establish a contact between my heart and your heart and all of my availability, which will be born from my Love, will come, it will answer your problems in regard to first of all the Love that is inside me and the Love that I will see inside your heart.
In these situations that generate so much anger inside you due to the lack of recognition of yourselves and of your Love, concentrate on yourselves and think of what could be the real, the authentic question of that heart. If that brother or sister has great difficulty listening to his or her heart, then try to ask them the right question, which, you will have identified, is the one that goes to the real reason for their demand.
Teach others to speak with the heart and then you will notice that the aggression will abandon your life and the light of your Love will shine once again.
This teaching has now began, continue to propose it to your brothers. I am sure that over time amongst you a speech which will have a lot of importance will begin to spread through your hearts, within respect and change.
Today, my brothers, we witness many and many occurrences that could truly be overcome by talking amongst yourselves, not while you are hiding behind your minds and the fears in your minds, but by talking as brothers, two hearts that are speaking, helping each other by starting from the Love that is inside them.
If you study this precise teaching inside your existences, almost all of you will notice how simple it is, and effective, I say almost all of you because brothers listening to your Love is a choice that all of you make but that some of you do not carry through to the end; almost all you, however, are more open and your time will be the time to descend more and more into contact with your heart.
Now, while I will say goodbye to you, I want to communicate with my heart, the great meaning that meeting with you holds for me, brothers this is a truly immense joy to help you and to watch you and help you once again, nobody expects anything from me. You meet up, and you listen to me, and this allows me, my brothers, to reply with my great Love to those necessities which I perceive to be great and true, I feel Love pushing me further and further to help you, Love at the service of Love, this is my experience.
A big kiss with all of my Love
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 22nd January 2006
Title   Emotions Of Anger Lack Of Recognition Demands
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