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Experimenting Itself As A Soul As Love To Be Spirit

Experimenting Itself As A Soul As Love To Be Spirit
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I would like to talk to you about the heart to help you to be in contact with this great Love that is inside you as much as possible.
The time spent listening together to these messages helped you to progressively listen with more and more attention to the many manifestations of your Love.
Remember the time you spent listening to yourselves, feeling every emotion you had, every change you made in answer to the Love of your brothers, feeling your own emotions mobilizing your affection that is inside you, remember the experience of understanding when it was your Love that was expressing itself to your brothers and to everything around you, remember the much more difficult experience of understanding and controlling your negative emotions by mobilizing with all of your heart the Love that is inside you.
Very well my brothers, those of you who are knowingly experimenting themselves today as they experimented yesterday, they are, my sweet brothers, those who first of all recognize themselves as a heart, as a Soul, as Love, they are recognizing their real nature through the experience and they are experimenting the possibility to be Love, to Be Spirit even though they are incarnated in a physical body in this moment in time on earth.
Many of you think about this possibility but they need their brothers, with their examples, to confirm that the possibility could become reality.
There are many such brothers, let’s help them, on one hand by bringing them the example, on the other let’s help them with this message.
My dear brothers, even back then when I came upon earth, just like today, this difficulty for my brothers in experimenting themselves directly as a heart was common. Many, countless people followed my teachings more out of a desire to see my Love rather than to listen to the teachings, and to see my Love was not only through the miracles that I did, but my teachings were those words that I spoke from the heart and that induced people to reflect on everything and the brothers, hearing me all of a sudden, saw things very differently because now from their heart their Love was expressing itself. And this is the most precious teaching, because, even back then, the heart of those brothers, nudged by my Love, expressed to their brothers the sweet Love that was contained inside.
The title for today’s message, just like these precious experiences that I shared with you today, brings us to understand that it’s exactly inside your heart that you can understand the true nature of which all of us are made of, and this is called Love.
Observe, look, experiment by feeling all of the emotions of your heart, nobody can give you confirmation of your Being Love other than by feeling it inside yourselves; nobody can give you confirmation of being an Angel unless they feel how big your Love is and nobody can give you confirmation of being a creature born from the Father other than by feeling the Love that beats, since always, inside your heart.
Going back to being children means expanding, from inside the heart to the outside of yourselves, the great feeling made of purity, of closeness, of smiling your way through any circumstance in which we feel suffering, putting a hug when we feel solitude and putting joy when a smile shows on the face of your brothers. This is what it means to go back to being children, participating from the heart, because we are Love, to the life of our brothers.
It’s therefore from the heart that your Love is born, that emerges, and it’s therefore by listening to your Love that you can gain awareness of the immensity, for all brothers, of recognizing themselves in the same Love that has always been giving us life.
The right words can help you gain contact with your heart and with your Love, however my brothers, it’s really in the sweet contact with your heart and with your sweet Love that you can feel as if you are part of the world only to learn to be, above all, Love.
And when you look at your children, look at the sweet eyes, at the sweet smiles, the sweet hugs, the expressed joy and learn from these creatures how to transmit Love, you just need to be Love and everything else is only a manifestation of it.
Let’s conclude this message with a sweet invitation: Listen, my sweetest brother, Love has always been with you, concentrate and listen to your heart, concentrate on the happiness and you will discover that it is connected to the emotions of being, of feeling yourself as Love; concentrate on goodness and you will discover that the feeling of joy brings people to think of themselves as all brothers; concentrate on Love and you will discover the sweet feeling of being able to recognize yourself in yourself.
Today just like always with all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 25th January 2006
Title   Experimenting Itself As A Soul As Love To Be Spirit
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