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Emotions Of Defeat And Possibility For Transformation

Emotions Of Defeat And Possibility For Transformation
My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, let’s continue our discussion on the sweet Love that you carry inside your hearts.
Today, my brothers, we have decided to speak to you about the heart, of the Love of your brothers.
Actually your existence on earth is very hard, everything talks about death, of the end, of catastrophes, every day you are bombarded by news that talk of homicides between your brothers, news so terrible that in the hearts of everybody there is a cascade of emotions of defeat, of inevitable tragedies, and of powerlessness.
My brothers, you watch what they want you to see so that you feel that anything that could be done about it, any change, is not worth attempting.
If you listened to your heart, my sweet brothers, you would discover that Love is possibility, great possibility for transformation, possibility to repair what was destroyed, possibility to create where there is a need, possibility to affirm justice and Love in every situation, even on earth.
The light for many brothers appears to be out, however my dear brothers the light will never go out, the light is part of the Love and nothing can put it out.
In your heart this Love circulates freely, whether you are aware of it or not, and this great need that you feel, brothers, of an existence within serenity is, my dear ones, only an expression of your Love.
Brothers, go back to the contact with your heart, listen to how strong the desire for a happy life on earth is, it’s strong inside you, and so, my brothers, take full conscience of your desire for a change that you have been always carrying with you in your heart and begin to bring your affection and your constant Love in front of your loved ones and in front of all of your brothers, involve every brother of yours in your intent to bring Love to all those people who live next to you, you will end up involving more and more brothers and lighting up that light that everyone, and I mean everyone, desires in your existences.
For every situation ask yourselves ‘What would Love do?’ and then translate these reflections into action that are oriented toward your brothers and, in this way, powerlessness will leave and give room to the re-birth of the new light as it’s the desire of your heart.
Power means change, re-establishing the hope for a possible change, with a lot of reflection, making the truly better choice and this change will take place through Love.
How many times have I helped you by bringing you my words, bringing you my experience and bringing you some examples, some reflections, an important help to help you, with my heart, to make your own beautiful Love available in turn to all of your brothers and of yourselves; what has always animated me my from my heart has been the desire to help you in this transformation and much sweet progress has been made by you from listening to my words that were born from my heart for your sweetest heart.
My brothers, listening to me does not mean simply listening or reading the words of a voice that speaks, listening to me means first of all this contact with the Paradise and this has a very important meaning, ‘This means that the Sky is here with us to help us’, ‘The Paradise does exists’, it does exist, it speaks, it manifests itself, and every manifestation is like a manifestation of our presence, of our life here in the Sky and the existence of life on earth as a consequence of the existence of life in our Sky. Once you understand this importance as a manifestation, every word, every encouragement, every single contact, every single word from this Paradise loses its meaning unless you concentrate to regain contact with your heart to be able to change, really starting from Love, your existence on earth.
Is it really difficult to bring changes on earth?
Why difficult? First of all it is necessary to put Love from the heart and the planet earth is waiting for your Love to activate in the hearts of other people your same Love for your other brothers.
And all of this will have meaning my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, if in addition to our Love, which is always manifested, you will add your own Love always manifested.
Why not accept this help, my brothers?
There is no selfishness pushing us to speak with you, there is no desire to constantly check on you or remove your freedom, our true single desire is that of being of help to you in your journeys, like experimenting yourselves as Love, this is what we think about, through many words that stir emotions, allowing you the contact with your heart to then experiment yourselves in your sweet being Love.
As children of a Father of Love, accepting our presence, accepting every help from us means for you to experience the Love that you carry inside and it’s also an experience inside of you of the Father and of the entire truth that I am sending you from the Sky.
When Love will be on earth this will be the result of the effort of Love from all of us and from all of you, together.
To accept our manifestation is to listen to our great Love and to accept the help that we can give you is to accept to grow up, to accept to evolve in your sweetest and great Love.
Once again we repeat to you, accept our sweetest contact between the Sky and your earth, what you are getting is help, it’s help to allow you to grow and evolve with Love.
With much, much Love
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message sent 29th January 2006
Title   Emotions Of Defeat And Possibility For Transformation
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