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To Involve How To Involve A Brother Messages To Humanity

To Involve How To Involve A Brother Messages To Humanity
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, over the course of the last message I touched briefly on the need to involve your brothers in the project of rebuilding Love upon earth.
Today our sweet Sara asked for my help on this very topic.
There are countless existing relationships, and Sara Luce, witnessing the great difficulty that many of you experience, including herself, in involving your brothers, is asking for our help.
First of all, my sweetest brothers, you need to notice inside your own heart the effect that this contact between us has had on your existence.
Many of you have began to understand that earth is only a place where you can experiment Love, which you carry within yourself. From this moment on your experience was more oriented toward experimenting rather than accepting life as the only reality. My brothers, this journey that you have walked so far, over time, brought you to understand that physical death, far from being the end of you, is the moment where you regain complete contact with your reality as a Spirit and the experiences that you matured while on earth made you learn much more about Love than what you would have learnt on this Paradise; the sweet result of this movement between this Paradise, earth and then once again Paradise is an experience of growth and you have once been proud of yourselves when you managed, over the course of your lives on earth, to donate your Love despite all the obstacles, the tragedies, the great difficulties of existence amongst other Souls who are learning, the Paradise in your eyes becomes the place where you can express the possibility of always being Love to your other brothers, within Love as well as in situations of non-Love. This is the sweet result when your own experience takes place in the framework of listening to your heart and listening to your own being Love.
I remind you of our many messages that, once heard, convinced you that even behind the most difficult situations always lies a problem linked to Love that needs to be resolved, and by turning to your heart and asking yourselves ‘What would Love do?’ you have always found a better way to attend to this problem.
This is, in reality, my brothers, your journey, you started from death and you found the sense of life; you started from conflicts to then learn to put all of your Love; you started from the contradictions on earth and you discovered the consistency of Love; you started from your precious children to find yourselves children once again, you started thinking about yourselves and you found yourselves; you started out of curiosity and you found constant answers, you started with diffidence and you found so many confirmations that you ended up forgetting all about your diffidence.
Inside your heart the sweet meaning of the journey you started by beginning from an emotion has been that of knowledge, listening, experimentation, and change.
Now that a long time has since passed, it seems very hard for you to involve a brother starting from all of that you have learned over time, but, my brothers, my advice is exactly to start with your brothers’ emotions, stimulating in them also the same desire for knowledge, discovery, experimentation.
Let’s now talk about which emotions can then be utilized to involve your brothers in your journey.
Emotions tied to death: when I watched you I noticed that with death the biggest desire is to understand dearth and the meaning of life and there are countless brothers who give out certain books especially to help understand life and death.
So the process of death that is involving you allows you to find a heart that is interrogating itself, a heart that while in pain is asking question.
It’s more difficult when death is not an event but a constant fear in one’s life. I am referring to those brothers who practice extreme sports, those brothers who constantly expose their own body, through food or with very fast driving, to risking their existence. And this, my brothers, is another case of the same question about life and death.
Starting from this question inside their hearts, do you think that those brothers can accept your books? You don’t think so? In fact the situation could appear to be that of a refusal; leave those books there and then leave, they will be read, leave them with these words ‘This book is for you, because it helps you answer your questions’.
Often brothers seem determined to not want to know, they listen for a few very brief moments and then they turn their attention on to something else.
What emotion can push this brother to not want to know? Fear, only fear of not knowing truthful answers, the great fear is only that of being disappointed while looking for truth. This is the reason for their refusal, take your books and donate them to them, and accompany them with these words ‘My great love, on the subject of great truths, this book speaks of truth, read it and then we can talk about it, I am sure that as of now you will be able to answer your many question for yourself in the same way as I am answering my own questions. Leave that book and soon you will see the result.
There are very many brothers who do not read, attracting them through reading is not the best choice and so how should one approach the subject? All brothers ask themselves these questions on death and life. Wait for the opportunity, my brothers, an occasion that speaks of death in which you feel that the brother is very involved. Wait for that right moment to say this sentence: ‘Death is life, everyone asks themselves about death and the sense of life during these moments, I myself thank my Lord for having answered all of my questions that I wanted to ask from my heart to understand what is death and what is life’.
At that time he will not answer but over time he will come to you to ask for help, what is death? What is life?
Today let’s conclude the help, I am sure I have already helped many of you, listen and learn: every heart asks itself about life and death because they are great emotions that stop for a moment the nagging daily recurrence of unawareness.
These are the best moments to allow your brothers to begin their journeys toward awareness.
Now I will hug you with much, much Love, brothers my help goes on, but, now, feel this sweet and intense Love hugging all of you.
I am always with you, I will always be with you to help you by means of these words but especially with my heart full of enormous affection and of truly immense Love for all of you and for all of my brothers and sisters on earth today.
A great light is coming on to earth from Paradise, my Love for all my brothers and for all my sisters is great.
Your brother Jesus Christ.
Message transmitted 2nd February 2006
Title   To Involve How To Involve A Brother Messages To Humanity
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