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Messages to humanity - With Love we talk to you about death

My much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, death is for you, my brothers, a very common experience during the course of physical life. The death of your parents, the death of a child, the death of loved ones, the death of friends and death that occurs with your brothers; death seems to accompany your existence, yours and that of your brothers, and despite the many messages dictated to help you understand beyond the physical death, these events produce great suffering for you.

Distancing yourselves from those you have loved creates this deep pain inside the hearts, and even your awareness of our life in our Sky can not seem to bring back serenity in your hearts. Over time many emotions leave room for all that you already know about life in Paradise, however, during these moments, only the loss matters inside the hearts of brothers.

Brothers, you are aware of our existence, aware of the existence of Paradise, aware that existence on earth is only a passage, a moment, which every Soul chooses to experiment their being Love, you are also aware that above all that the most important experience is the very experience of Love that brothers live during their passage on earth, you are aware of the project chosen by every Soul for this moment that you call physical life, you are also aware of the pain that you feel when a brother leaves his physical life.

There are many sufferings that may accompany the last moment of the existence inside a human body and sometimes the passage between these existences is done through sudden death; through suffering it’s perhaps easier to accept this separation because in your heart the pain that you endured for those whom you have loved can give you the sensation of the loss but also the sensation of the freedom from pain,  in the case of accidents even this absence from bodily pain can help you cope with this great pain, however the loss remains, the separation, the lack and the desire to spend some more time together with the person you have loved.

This separation, my brothers, is temporary, just the time to conclude your own project that you have to complete and you will be together again, it’s an existence together once again and for a long time, much longer time than what you spent together on earth.

In your teary eyes, my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, you know that Love does not know interruption and it stays forever as a bond between you and the people you love and with teary eyes, you often manage to feel the presence of the loved person next to you and with teary eyes you are aware that from that moment on the eyes of your loved ones regained vision and all feelings inside your heart, all feelings of Love inside your hearts, are now clearly visible to the spiritual eyes of the loved person.

With the eyes of the Spirit now the loved person looks at you and anything your heart transmits is immediately visible to the loved person, the eyes of the Spirit, I can assure you, truly grasp the Love in all of its importance just as it is in your heart. And all problems, misunderstandings, moments of contrast, they all lose importance, even what was not said, in respect to what you express inside your heart.

Think about this too, my brothers, today when the pain is so intense, think about your heart, a heart immersed in pain, speaking to the loved person and communicating all the intensity of your feeling of Love, and think about the experience that your loved person has when listening to your heart talking of Love.

This is because, my dear ones, in suffering there is a lot of Love that would like to be expressed and that captures your whole experience together with the loved person, your experience brought you to the feeling of intense Love that you now feel, an experience of moments, an experience of smiles, of sharing, of moments of joy experimented together and even the experience of moments of shared pain, of battles faced together, moments of tranquility and even of joy lived together, and all this, in a word called Love, which you exchanged one another, becomes your message of Love that with all of your heart you send to the person who is no longer on earth, but who is observing you, who hears you, who looks at you with the eyes regained with the spiritual body.

These experiences, my loved brothers and my loved sisters, are written inside you, and if you retrieve them knowingly it can help you comprehend what you are sending to your loved person from your heart, regaining these experiences can be very useful in your process of bringing back acceptance and serenity in this moment of great pain for you, acceptance of physical death as a moment of temporary separation, as a temporary moment of non-appearance to your physical eyes, as a moment in which the existence of both continues, separated in appearance but in reality a continuous contact of your great Love. A moment, only just a moment in your physical life where you will perceive those who are always close to you as being far away, a moment, only just one moment when words can not be exchanged but it will only be a moment and being able to embrace once again is a certainty.

With your eyes teary from crying, believe in us, believe in Paradise, the sweet destination for all my brothers and for all my sisters, believe in this Paradise that only knows the word Love and think of the immense Love of the Father as well as our Love, which from the moment when He welcomed your loved one has been taking care of this loved person with that Love that is unknown on earth but familiar in the heart of each one of you my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters.

That Love is embracing you even here right now, the Love of all of us, the Love of your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 3rd June 2006


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