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Messages to humanity - Responsibility

My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, let’s begin this discussion about responsibility by giving you a small example.

Sara is writing the words I am dictating, this way the message will slowly be completed. The effort in listening is very important to allow me to help you through these words and the effort in sending you these words that I am dictating is part of the responsibility that Sara is assuming right now.

Once dictated, the message will be written on the computer and even then the attention in putting in writing without mistakes is another responsibility that Sara assumes; then the message is sent to each one of you and this is another responsibility, that of checking that it reaches your every mailbox of electronic mail.

This process is concluded with the forwarding for all those brothers and sisters who are waiting for it.

Apart from this, each one of you, when you welcome my message, feels the responsibility to learn, to reflect, to transmit ever more knowingly their Love and also what they are learning.

Even this transmission has in itself a responsibility, that of only transmitting what was said, the truths that are sent, of which I talked about with you, without enriching them or omitting information that I gave you.

This exchange is your responsibility.

Do you understand the importance at any given time of your responsibility, my brothers?

The responsibility is in every moment of your lives and our lives, responsibility toward others and responsibility toward yourselves.

By responsibility toward others I mean every manifestation that welcomes the intent of loving your every brother, that welcomes the intent to be of help to all your brothers, that welcomes the intent to bring Peace for each of your brothers.

By responsibility toward yourselves I mean every manifestation aimed at giving Love, Peace and help inside yourselves.

Every manifestation has these two aspects inside, toward others and toward yourselves.

Responsibility is a natural event for every sweet creature that has placed their heart in the center of their existence.

Many brothers are still looking for their true centrality, they are bombarded by many contrasting messages, your responsibility and our responsibility consists in helping them put their heart, their affection, in helping them in this recognition of Love as a real centrality for all creatures.

This message my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters is my sweet invitation to help with Love all creatures that gravitate around you, from known brothers to the many brothers that are as of yet strangers but who will make contact with you in the future.

If you do, if you operate with the right thought of your responsibility inside your heart, you can extend more and more the number of brothers who are aware that it’s the affection of the heart that is the most important point of every creature and the responsibility will be, my dear ones, always more evident to the eyes of all of you.

I will conclude once again today this message by giving all of you my great affection for every sweet creature who is listening or reading, and for every sweet creature who, starting from today, will be helped to put their own heart at the center of their own lives.

With my greatest Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 20th June 2006


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