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Messages to humanity - Love

My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, what is Love?

When you look at a brother and you see him as a creature just like you, the outcome in a body of a sparkle of Love who in its own time was created by the Father, then you love.

When you look at a brother and you see him as being like you, a creature who is experimenting in all of its potentiality to be forever Love, you love.

When you look at a brother who needs help, and you help him as you would like to be helped yourselves, you love.

When you look at a brother, and you notice that just like you he has a contact with reality that is the result of his path of growth, of cultural belonging, of belonging to a group, to a determined society, you love.

When you feel inside your heart a lot of affection for every creature that you end up meeting, you love.

When you feel in your heart that every brother needs Peace to express completely their wonderful Love, you love.

When in your heart you see that contradictions do not come from the heart but from the often worried mind, you love.

When you realize inside your heart that Peace for everyone is a need that is vital in your existence to express the best feelings that come from Love, you love.

When you feel inside that the responsibility to contribute through your gestures to the wellbeing of your brothers, you love.

When you feel inside your hearts that you affection is essential to allow your brothers to express their Love in turn, you Love.

When you notice in your heart that it’s only by mobilizing your affection that you can experiment yourselves as Love, you love yourselves as much as your other brothers.

When you feel inside your heart that your brothers need to make contact with your Love and you place your Love on to yourselves, you love.

Brothers, life is the occasion to experiment yourselves, to learn, to change, to grow together with other people, to build new conditions over time through your effort, which will allow you even more to express yourselves as sweet creatures, born as Love and always Love.

In every message I turn to you talking of Love because this is really the feeling in which you are specializing and every contrast becomes an opportunity to understand by experimenting a new manifestation of your feeling of Love.

It’s in the contrast that the light of your feeling of Love that you experimented can expand, understanding more and more that by replying with even more mobilized Love, the contrasts fade away and often disappear or for those brothers they represent opportunities to experiment themselves also in their own mobilized Love.

Brothers, this is your experience in this period of existence in a physical body on earth, it’s always been your experience, to grow, to continue to grow until the complete recognition of your being Love, always, under every circumstance, in front of every brother, always Love, Love since forever and forever recognition of being Love.

Look at your existence on earth from this perspective, a temporary existence but precious in its every moment, a precious existence first of all for you who are learning to always be Love and precious existence for your brothers who are learning, like you, to always be Love.

Experiment yourselves with your heart in your always being Love and export from your heart this sweet emotion that you are, may you always take good care of your precious feeling, feed your bodies and your sweet Spirit with manifestations of Love, they are necessary to always be aware of the opportunities that life gives you, to always be more aware of your experimenting yourselves as Love, aware of your being Love.

Don’t waste any opportunities to experiment yourselves, aware of your Love, aware of your recognition already achieved, accept new occasions to experiment yourselves and to grow even more.

The sensation that I am feeling now is so intense, you are all concentrated on the Love that you carry inside you and I am happy to have transmitted to you the importance of starting exactly with you, with your being Love, to face life from the most accurate perspective.

You are Love, my much loved brothers and my much loved sisters, may you knowingly be the manifestation of your Love.

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 14th June 2006


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