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Messages to humanity - The Love for your brothers

Sweetest and loved brothers and sweetest and loved sisters, let’s understand the enormous difficulty of being on earth, Love on one side and many manifestations of selfishness on the other.

Often when I observe you my brothers and my sisters, I notice disappointment in your Souls, a yearning to let go, desire to shut yourselves down to dedicate yourselves with your heart to those people whom you love and who return your love.

I notice the effort and the huge difficulty in seeing your sacrifice returned, your dedication to the collective wellbeing, every gesture you make to help other people in their growth path.

My heart cringes when faced with those emotions that you experiment of being alone, abandoned by your brothers to whom you dedicate a lot of time and I have the impression that many brothers end up giving up exactly for these reasons.

Every time that happens I would like to have the opportunity to manifest myself to your eyes to give you advice, to sustain you, to bring strength into your actions, to feed you with Love and to give you recognition of the effort that you are putting, but the path inside the physical body is important also for the lack of our own manifestations, it’s your Love that has always existed that pressses to be experimented even in the absence of our manifestations.

My brothers, it’s your sweet heart that needs to express itself, to experiment itself, to get to know itself in all of its potentialities, it needs to take consciousness, awareness of itself through its operations, however the difficulties certainly mirror the difficulties of other brothers in experimenting themselves in turn as Love.

The sacrifice that you experiment my sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, the effort that you experiment toward your brothers, the many disappointments that you experiment can bring you to stop your efforts, but if you think, my brothers, of the need that there is in the heart to always be helped by positive examples, by experiences that turned out to be positive, by the change that your collective effort has brought and will bring, the important of our sacrifice becomes even evident also in front of a disappointment.

When you think of your effort, you reason in terms of needs for everybody, the need to confront yourselves with a reality where Respect may be for everyone, where Freedom may be for everyone, where Justice may be for everyone and Equality, in a word, where Love may be for everyone.

And your many sacrifices are necessary to bring over time all of your brothers and sisters to realizing the existence of this possibility, even during your incarnations on earth.

Each one of you brothers and sisters, when you decide what to do with your precious life on earth that is about to be donated to you, you always involve your brothers in a path toward reaching these objectives, all of you project an effort for other brothers and, once on earth, many brothers respect these important efforts of theirs, while others wait passively that your stimulus may succeed in making their own effort for the collectively re-emerge.

This is a great need in the heart, however the difficulties often bring to passivity and the effort is procrastinated.

However you, who have assumed this effort, by remembering and emerging from passivity, will be rewarded by the biggest satisfaction when, as you return to this Home, you will see all that your effort created and you will notice that every sacrifice will have produced an important progress for all your brothers.

And this sweet emotion will be in your hearts for a long, long time and from our Paradise, my brothers, you will be rewarded in the sustenance by the many brothers who, like you, will be at that time on earth to help their brothers grow even more, with effort and sacrifice.

Life on this earth is surrounded always by the effort of many people, and even if many are strangers to you, let yourselves be heartened by the thought that in the many societies there are efforts from many people; your effort exists, the effort from other people exists at the same time.

May my observation bring you the right light and may our observation bring consolation into your hearts, and may the effort of other people and ours, at the same time as your important effort, bring you the right hope.

And on the subject of effort, right next to you with a great, great Love,

Your Brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 18th June 2006


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