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Messages to humanity - I remain with all of you

My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, I remain with all of you so that my effort can help you, so that the love of our heart may feed you, so that the adversities you meet in your life on earth will not succeed in killing the hope in your hearts, so that every dictation can be a source for reflection and learning of your truth of being Love, because, my brothers, in your hearts there is only the desire to help you make your experience a precious one, to make it essential, for your recognition of always being Love even during the enormous difficulties that those brothers of yours who are not yet aware give put in your path.

My brothers, I like this project, I like preparing my dictations and then waiting for Sara Luce and then dictating them, knowing that soon after you will be able to read my words and what great joy it is to see you opening up the message and reading and listening what your heart tells your while you are reading. You are not aware of the many words, of the emotions that you always express, despite the fact that, at work, it’s often difficult to carve out a moment for yourselves, but there are many of you who read each individual message and enter into a profound contact with your heart immediately, and this behavior repays me profusely for my effort.

I listen to the heart, I watch the emotions, I listen to the words and the feelings and I welcome your Love and I send it back to you enriched with my own Love.

These emotions are in reply to your many emotions, they are my reality, the reality of a brother who, with effort, wants to help you and a brother whom you love from the same great Love that I give you.

My loved brothers, my loved sisters, a great effort, a great joy.

Oh well, in Paradise the joy, every emotion or manifestation of Love is experienced, completely, we do not add up negative emotions, problems, like you do on earth, but it’s important to learn even in your dimension that every manifestation of Love must be lived for what it is, a moment of great truth, of important truth, an emotion that is born from the heart to reach another heart and to send the truth of a feeling, Love, that is being felt at that moment. This certainty of the truth, of the emotion that that heart is feeling, Love, is an emotion that is born for you, in reply to or as a proposal for a meeting of Love.

Therefore, let yourselves be invaded by the many emotions of Love, from our sending you Love to what you have been sending to the people you love. Let your heart be invaded by the light, by the feeling of Love experimented and live it completely, feel it totally in the affection of your heart, let go of every thought and welcome Love completely inside you.

There is no more precious moment for your Soul than to welcome this precious donated Love, there is no heart that will not rejoice when it feels that Love is being poured inside it, there is no heart that will not be able to rejoice like all others, if your effort is what produced this emotion of Love for you.

My brothers, in the vast number of moments that you live during your life, you place a lot of attention to receiving the love that your brothers give you, the Love that the Sky sends you back, the Love for yourselves that you often express for the duration of your effort.

Today, my dears, this is the teaching, to rejoice, rejoice at every manifestation of Love, rejoice completely, rejoice intensely in front of every manifestation of Love.

At this moment I would be very happy if you, each one of you, would rejoice in your thoughts, to the emotion that your brother Jesus is looking at you with an expression of joy on his face, He is looking at you sweetly because sweetness is the feeling in His heart for each one of you and he is looking with Respect, with great hope in his heart that you will succeed in feeling this great, immense Love that I am now feeling as I am looking at you, you, my loved brothers, my loved sisters, you are the ones I love, you are my project of Love, helping you is my Love, teaching you is my Love, hugging you is my Love, being next to you with my presence is my Love and despite the many difficulties of existence on earth, always sending all my Love is to remind you my brothers how precious you are to me, always, always, always, all, all my brothers are precious for me, wherever you are.

With this big declaration of Love let your heart rejoice and welcome and feel all my Love for you.

With Love

Your happy brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 21st June 2006


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