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Messages to humanity - With much love

My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, with my heart full of joy I will start to dictate today’s message once again to all of you

I would like to talk to you one more time about Love.

This time we spent together is an experience of Love, every contact is an experience of Love, the Love that you express and the Love that others express toward you.

Every gesture is always an expression of Love, even when you argue this is an expression of Love, two hearts that feel and react with one another. In your hearts, as always, it’s the Love in its expression that communicates through gestures and by gestures I mean even the words that you are used to conceive as only an expression of your thoughts.

There are no expressions of thought only, my sweet and loved brothers, every thought is the translation into words of what you feel inside your heart in that precise moment.

Everything is expression of affection, everything starts from the heart to touch another heart.

Even in a meeting the desire is born from the heart to respond with affection to a question from the other person, even a solemn promise is an expression of a heart that wants to declare the truth to another heart; an expression of Love is also to run to the rescue, to define, to oppose, to ask for whatever you may need (in the heart this emotion corresponds to the desire to be able to express yourselves as you are, in all of your feeling of Love), the discoveries are born from the desire of the heart to allow an evolution and to always achieve more confidence in expressing your being Love in all fields where insecurity can make you feel threatened.

In our eyes evolution is constant and your every effort is aimed at the discovery of more and more conditions that may allow all of you to express your being Love.

The discovery is constant, my brothers, at any given time you understand which can be the most accurate conditions to allow your brothers and your hearts to be more and more Love, on the other hand if you asked yourselves, your being Love, you would notice that at any given time you are working to allow the expression of everyone’s Love.

This is why every gesture speaks of Love, every thought speaks of Love, every contact always speaks of Love, every reflection speaks of Love, your every effort and action speak of Love.

Your whole life is imprinted on the expression of Love and the expression of your Love is the project on which all of you work.

We remind you about the expression of your Love as a meaning of your existence to allow you the much yearned awareness on earth and in every place, of the truth of your being Love.

Your brothers, everything starts from the heart, everything starts from your Love, and everything that starts does so in order to allow Love.

The importance of thinking yourselves as a hear that today and forever advises you, and represents an expression of the Love that is inside your chest, can give you greater awareness of the subjects, even of the expression of absence, of what is needed for your Love to express itself completely.

Many situations can change by viewing problems as manifestations of the Love of hearts, of the need of certain conditions that promote the always increased affirmation of Love from the inside.

Thinking of yourselves as brothers who are oriented toward expressing yourselves, living yourselves, as your own Love, can allow all of you those corrections that are necessary to express to other people the needs of your being Love.

Think of a brother as an expression of Love, with his many facets, but who is trying to express his Love, help him with the awareness of someone who, over time, has managed to see himself as a heart in constant search for the best expression of the rushes of Love that he feels inside.

With this teaching today, my sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, let’s add awareness to your awareness.

Think of yourselves as a heart to add Love.

With all of my enormous, immense Love for all of you

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message sent 25th June 2006.


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