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Messages to humanity - The answers of Love

Loved and sweet brothers, loved and sweet sisters, how many situations do you often experience where at all times you ask yourselves “Is the answer of my Love the right one?”

All of you always question yourselves, you proceed and then you question yourselves, you reply and you question yourselves, you react and you question yourselves, you enter into conflicts and you question yourselves.

You spend a lot of time attempting to understand if the answer is correct, if it’s an expression of your Love inside your heart.

Almost all of you are not aware that you are questioning yourselves, but the situations that you face leave in the heart either positive or negative feelings, and by questioning yourselves over these feelings inside your heart, you become aware of the question that you asked inside your hearts.

Sometimes inside your heart you feel the presence of a feeling of justice and so you think that your condition may be an affirmative answer to your question.

Sometimes injustice is the feeling you have and you understand a negative answer to your question.

Whether this feeling is positive or negative, it asks a new question inside the heart “How to react with justice in this situation?”

You question many brothers, you have exchanges with them, finally inside your hearts you follow a system that, from inside your heart, lights up the feeling of justice and you make a mental note to do it again for next time.

And so, my brothers, time has passed by where you have learned to reply in harmony with your heart and with the Love that is inside each one of you.

The situations repeat in your lives to give you opportunity for the success of your affirmative answer in your heart to your quest for justice.

When situations begin to repeat themselves despite your exchanges, the answer is always a negative feeling, it’s important to stop and question yourselves over the causes of this repetition.

Did you understand in your heart the importance of questioning yourselves about the emotions that you feel?

Sometimes you are all so busy that this moment of reflection and health is bypassed as you dedicate yourselves to other things.

Sometimes there are no conditions to stop, and you procrastinate inside your hearts, often for so long that you lose sight of the reason for the questioning.

Sometimes, rightly so, you choose a more suitable moment for yourselves and you face that problem as a stimulus to the ever increasing expression of your being Love.

Sometimes the importance of your being Love brings you to questioning yourselves immediately, now, right now, because the your desire is to be in your heart more and more.

In other situations, the question I see you asking yourselves is “Is it my responsibility or the responsibility of the other person?”

Sometimes your negative feeling is born, it finds the prerogatives, inside your preoccupations; the other brothers helped you, you feel the sensation of justice inside your heart, but your preoccupation with not being listened to or understood, or of never being of any help during problems, or many insecurities that are part of you do not allow you to respond with a feeling of justice in that specific situation.

Sometimes your brother does not listen to you, does not reflect, does not seem to treasure what you are expressing and your negative feeling is not reflected in your right expression as a consequence of the attitude of your brother. Enable the necessary separations inside your feeling to avoid giving yourselves responsibility that do not belong to you, possibility that increases considerably your insecurity when thinking of yourselves as right in the expression of your wonderful being Love.

Sometimes you are listened to despite the impression, the negative emotion, that you feel; you resort to your Love, you affirm your comment as a right expression of your being Love and you harbor the hope that in that situation the heart of the other brother did indeed listen; the reaction was not so obvious, but you harbor the certainty that that heart did listen because every heart, always, always replies in every situation where the feeling of Love is being expressed; maybe the brother still needs to remember while you now are on a path of awareness; maybe that brother needs to be supported and your example of expressing yourselves with Love may help him over time; maybe that brother needs this experience of Love to make contact with his own being Love; maybe that brother has Faith but does not know he has it. And these are only some of the situations where a brother can fail to respond to you they way you expected him to; inside your heart a negative feeling, in the heart of the other person a positive feeling, and the possibility to respond with Love to the expression of your Love.

Take advice, you are all hearts, do not judge the hearts of your brothers without further manifestations, you would be surprised to learn how your hearts, in the moments when they feel negativity, have created possibility and positive feelings in the person who had listened to you.

This, my brothers, in the heart, to encourage you on your journey toward a truly increased expression of your wonderful being Love, a journey that always requires great attention, always great presence, but brothers, this is evolution, always putting your heart into your guiding yourselves through this terrestrial experience.

With much, much Love

Your brother Jesus Christ


Message transmitted 28th June 2006.


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