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The Understanding Listening Of Feelings During The Contact Of Love

The Understanding Listening Of Feelings During The Contact Of Love
My loved and sweet brothers and my loved and sweet sisters, let's conclude this discussion on reflection inside your hearts by understanding completely the importance of listening through your hearts to all of your feelings during your contact of Love with your other brothers.
As always, when you are only listening to the words pronounced in several occasions, without the help of the heart that is being listened to, the understanding of those words is sometimes so distorted that you believe you have understood, and technically you did understand the words, but when you only base yourselves on the words you heard the misunderstood feeling very often leads to unexpected and inexplicable reactions.
On the contrary, when using all of your sensitivity, listening with your Love, with all of your affection, with all of your heart, listening to the emotions of that brother and your own emotions, every communication will be aimed at the heart of that brother and the acquired change will be the result of your Love in contact with your brother's Love.
My brothers, this is very important, extremely important, you can help that brother or that sister in the best possible way by listening to the true emotions that they are sending you from their heart.
At that moment the contact becomes a moment of growth, growth for you - because by experimenting more and more your ability to listen to other people with your heart, the act of listening with your heart will stop being difficult and soon it will seem to you that this is the only way to really listen to other people - and it will be a moment of growth also for the brother with whom you have interacted, activating your Love so that your brother will in turn learn to activate his own affection and Love with every contact he will make in every subsequent meeting.
This is also very important, very important.
May you be more and more aware of the wonderful power of affection, Love, by reaching every heart, to donate changes in the right direction, in the direction of Love.
While explaining to you the importance of these actions, it's necessary to understand that all of you are acting simultaneously; by enlarging your vision that involves all of you and another brother, think about it my loved ones, that at the same time, near or far, there is another brother, there is another sister, busy with his or her affection, communicating from his heart to the heart of another brother or sister with all of his or her Love.
So do you think this is wonderful? My brothers, I follow you, very closely, I see all the time the existence of the heart-to-heart type of contact that you are learning to establish permanently in your contacts amongst you.
And by enlarging our vision even further, my brothers, your bonding through your heart-to-hearts, produces intensely colored sparks that shine on many faces of the planet and this is the spectacular light show that we all witness here; aware of this experience for our eyes, do think, my brothers, of your brothers who also shine at the time of the heart-to-heart contact, and by further enlarging our vision, my brothers, how could our Love possibly react to the wonderful flashes of light? By giving your light, the Father, reacting to the fact that He is observing this Love that is brought into play by all of you, He can do nothing else but desire to give you even more Love through His light by giving you even more possibilities to express your Love surrounded by His Love.
My brothers, the light that you send activates the same Love of the Father and this light of the Father, this Love, the same Love that is preciously kept safe in the heart of every brother, has this great power to guide you to change in the name of Love.
My brothers, fascinated by this vision, you understand that this is reality, this is the truth, be aware right away that when you activate the feeling of Love inside your heart by listening with all of your hearts to your brothers, this restricted vision of the context of your meeting, now has necessarily a much greater vision that takes place simultaneously, you become at the same time that brother or that sister who is listening in their hearts, and at the same time your are light for our eyes.
My sweet and loved brothers and my sweet and loved sisters, this light that you promote by activating the Love of the Father, is reflected and it projects itself upon all of you and brings a sweet change in every heart and this experience allows every heart to feel a greater contact with the Love and as a consequence the heart of every brother and every sister, sustained by the light of the Love of the Father and in the sometimes silent reflection, opens up to the possibility of expressing Love in turn, to be, in turn, in it's actions and thoughts, in a greater harmony with the laws of Love, and this change, my brothers, is the indirect consequence of your act of Love, of your every contact of Love, the fruit of Love that produces an increase of Love.
My brothers, make sure that this vision that I sent you today, in this heart-to-heart experience amongst all of us, will guide your path of discovery of the implications and of the consequences in every contact of affection, Love amongst all of us.
Let's conclude today's message with a sweet goodbye that my mother, the Virgin Mother Mary, wants to send to all of you my brothers.
My loved children, I carry in my heart this hope for you, a hope that soon Love will be on Earth in such great presence to be seen even without our eyes, easily visible in the choices of Love oriented to the problems of my desperate children, of my suffering children, of my children who live in countries at war, my children who suffer because of injustices, my children who are desirous to see this famous affirmed Respect, this famous affirmed Justice, this famous affirmed Closeness and Solidarity, for all of my children who suffer in their hearts and are desirous to put their affection and to receive affection from others, for all of my children who are waiting for Paradise to intervene to establish Order again, for these sweet children of mine who are busy in this respect in reestablishing Order by speaking to their brothers starting with Love, for all of my children who have contacts with us and send our words of Love, for all of my children whom I love with all of myself, my sweet children, all sweet children, our Love is always with you, and now my sweet children let's unite our hearts and imagine the Love that we can create together, an immense heart, enormous, this is our heart, my children, we constantly produce Love to give to many of my children, your hearts and our hearts united together in the name of Love and to give Love.
An immense kiss to you, as immense as our heart
The Virgin Mother Mary and your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted 30th November 2005
Title   The Understanding Listening Of Feelings During The Contact Of Love
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