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The Prayer Act Of Love A Prayer To Our Creator

The Prayer Act Of Love A Prayer To Our Creator
My loved brothers and my loved sisters, today we decided to discuss this subject because, my brothers, now you are able to understand the implications of Love for your brothers.
Prayer, my brothers, since the time when I explained it to you on earth, I always told you that prayer is first of all contained in every act of Love. Every time you activate your Love, a prayer to our Creator is raised in the heart.
For example, every time you start a project, mobilizing your interest and your feeling for the completion of that project inside your heart, you simultaneously activate a sweet prayer to the Father that He may assist you in your activity, support you, help you in the realization of that project.
Right now not all of you are aware of this prayer that you say when you activate your Love just as you begin.
You are beginning to be aware right now, you will be aware as soon as you begin a project, you will listen to your sweet heart carefully.
This example begins to allow you to see the implications in your heart every time you access your sweet Love.
Observing the feelings inside your heart you will notice this beautiful prayer that mobilizes and goes to our Creator.
As a consequence of this, our Creator pours upon you, individually, His sweet Love and by surrounding you with light of affection, He puts hope and sweet comfort inside your own heart.
So the prayer, once activated toward the Father, allows a true exchange of light of Love, allows a true exchange of Love between the Father and each one of you.
You, therefore, need to be aware, by listening to your heart, of this intense exchange of Love between you and your Creator.
Loved brothers, this exchange is necessary to give you the strength to mobilize even more affection toward the project that you are about to embark.
When I say project I mean a project that every heart decides to do with Love, the project that you are always experimenting and therefore the project, my brothers, of being Creatures of Love. This is the project that you all have in common and the prayer is spontaneous at the same time as the choice to put all of your Love into the following moment.
By project I mean everything, from the individual instant of your experimentation through your Being Love to that specific project aimed with your Love to all of your brothers.
Your initial prayer, my brothers, facilitates your emotional investment into everything that you are doing.
With your new awareness, do go ahead and listen inside your heart to the initial effect of this prayer on your affection.
I am sure that when you will have had this sweet experience, with a lot of knowing Love, you will raise your prayer to the Father even higher.
Numerous brothers are unfortunately still unaware, instead of praying they compose long sequences of words, extremely important words but using their minds and not their hearts, the Creator listens and highlights those hearts, however this is not a growth experience, like I told you; to experiment your Being Love it's necessary to activate your Love, your Love inside your heart. The outcome will certainly feature the experience of the Love of the Father, who has always been answering everybody with His Love, however this way does not allow for growth in your experimentation of being a Being of Love.
Brothers of different cultures from yours wear symbolic clothes when praying, they use cultural symbols that are either universal or specific to that population, however the result is the same, regardless of latitude or longitude, it's the heart, it's the feeling activated by the Love that allows the contact with the Father and the exchange of Love of every brother of yours with the Father.
When you think of the universality of this movement of Love and of prayer of each heart, are you then surprised, brothers, to see yourselves, sweet brothers, just like brothers amongst yourselves? This is the truth - inside the heart of each one of you, who are now experimenting in the dimension of earth and you are all experimenting your Being Love, brothers, - inside each one of your sweet hearts at the same time as the beginning of a project, a sweet prayer is raised to our Creator, the father of each one of us.
For the moment I will stop here to give the opportunity to each one of you brothers, to start listening to your hearts and to experiment, recognize inside your heart, what I just explained to you today.
This is only one of the implications in your heart at the time you activate all of your affection and Love into the project of experimentation.
In the next messages, sweet brothers, we will talk about the other sweet implications.
May a very big kiss reach your heart, the Love of your brother Jesus may sustain you and encourage you to experiment yourselves more and more, constantly, in your sweet Being Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message transmitted from the Sky 4th December 2005
Title   The Prayer Act Of Love A Prayer To Our Creator
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