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The meaning of life Gave meaning to time

The meaning of life Gave meaning to time All time has meaning in the Love
The meaning of life Gave meaning to time : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, let’s talk a little about the Love between you, it’s been some time from our last message, time, opportunities in time, I know that it’s been only a few calendar days, but time is the only constant of your lives, now it’s time, an hour from now is time, tomorrow will be time, time is the constant and within the constant opportunities blossom, so, it’s been some time from our last message and in that time there were opportunities, what did you register as opportunities in that time?
Many opportunities were lost, the pace with which you live, all those commitments, from school to your work place, all family commitments, from lunch to grocery shopping, to tidying up, so many things to do, and all of you brothers live with speed and for this reason opportunities are sadly missed, your days are often too full of too many things to do.
However someone, among all those things to do, registered inside the commitment to always take opportunities for life, at the time when a brother asked him for advice, in his heart he told himself “this is an opportunity to give my Love”, he stopped, he listened from the heart and gave his advice, I fulfilled my commitment and took the opportunity to express myself in my Love, what a nice day, I expressed my Love, and sweetly smiling he notices that he just gave meaning to that time during his day.
The time spent talking to that brother, the time dedicated to simply being, expressing his Love, gave meaning to time, he sweetly reflects, time has meaning in the Love, all of our time has meaning in the Love and he calmly notices that deciding to take that opportunity is exactly what gave meaning to time.
Occasion means opportunity to give meaning to time.
Many of you have discovered this meaning over time, and it’s exactly inside their time that they seek opportunities, these sweet Souls need life in the feeling and every opportunity is seeked because inside the meaning of time is where life is, great emotions, great possibilities to experiment, to be Love, life is emotion as you feel yourself, in your being Love, experience, manifestation of Love as much as possible.
Brothers, this awareness comes from recognizing life in itself as you live those opportunities, my brothers, they are the opportunities, to possibily give meaning to time and to be able to experiment their own existence within Love, and this is what life is.
Opportunities across time is what life is for you and life’s time is always in the present, look at life always and only as present, an opportunity to be taken is in the present tense, opportunity to Be is in the present, opportunity to place meaning into time is the present moment, and experimenting life inside you is the present moment, the meaning of life is in the Being in the present moment.
Every opportunity that you will seize from now on will be an opportunity to give meaning to time, to the reason why you are inhabiting those bodies on earth, you are experimenting yourselves in your Love and your true expression of yourselves is inside the heart, only within Love your experience has meaning and every opportunity participates to the realization of your project.
To us, existence in Love is infinite life.
With all of our hearts I hug you, my brothers
Your brothers Jesus Christ
Message dictated 6th March 2008
The meaning of life Gave meaning to time All time has meaning in the Love
The meaning of life Gave meaning to time
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