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Time of Love Heart is gaining experience

Time of Love Heart is gaining experience Message from God The Father
Time of Love Heart is gaining experience : my sweet children, the time of Love is every opportunity where the expression of your Love is being manifested, this opportunity is the time of Love, the feeling expresses itself to you, you express your own feeling to the other person, this is the time of Love, the time of Love is every moment where a feeling is expressed inside your heart, every feeling that comes from Love at the moment when it flows inside you is the time of Love, it has been so in the past, it will be so in the future, but it’s in the present time that you can gain awareness of the time of Love inside this situation, that time is now.
If you think, but you don’t listen to your heart, the feeling inside you will not be registered; you understood, understood the meaning of the many words, you learned what is the time of Love, but inside you there will be a concept, not a lived moment, therefore go turn your attention to the inside of your heart.
While I speak to you, your heart is listening, our Father right now is talking to us, and his words are also for me and his Love speaks to allow the Love inside me to listen to him, and he speaks to my heart to allow my feeling to show itself to me, he speaks to me from heart to a heart, as a Father he speaks to the heart of his child, the immense Love that right now is speaking to me to involve me in the Love and to give me the opportunity to feel both him and myself inside me; the time of Love is offering itself to me to make me notice that first of all there is a heart, I am first of all Love, and then also a brother and a child, and then I am a man or a woman, a worker, or a student, and then all the conditions that define me, but first of all I am a heart, I am Love.
It’s very important to feel him speak to me, a world of things surround me and affections don’t have a body, you can feel them, but it’s not materiality, they exist but you touch them with the heart and not with the hands, you see them express themselves but your eyes do not pick up the material, and you even feel the emotion in their intensity, but they don’t have a body and therefore they don’t speak, the Father for example, reminds me that affection is inside my heart, but without any expression of materiality; at times affections are overlooked in our world for the reason that in order to feel them we have to find a lack of materiality, but they do exist and they are much more real, true, than the materialism that is around us.
I think and in my heart I listen to his Love that is manifesting to me, to remind me that at every moment my heart is gaining experience, it always gains experience from my Love, beyond the body, life for us is a constant experience of our being a heart, even on earth, being a feeling, being Love since the time of my creation, through my life, with every moment of listening to my heart after moment of listening to my heart, I can try to live my life, growing and feeling the heart inside me express itself more and more, and on earth every moment is a condition for it, to feel myself as a heart, just like now, to truly feel myself as I am, I am a heart, I am Love that expresses itself both inside and outside me.
Our Father was talking of the time of Love, it’s the present time, while I read and I feel inside me, I feel my Love guide me toward the Father and as I feel him, as I feel the emotion inside my heart, I also feel I am being guided to the discovery of myself.
It’s the time of Love, the time that knows our feeling, united, to help me be more and more in contact with what I am, a heart, a feeling of Love.
Let’s make this moment an example of my being, right now the Father is speaking and he has brought me in contact with my Being inside me, however all brothers can be experience of contact with my Being inside me.
Every emotion is a contact with my Being inside me.
Every gesture I make that is born from an emotion is contact with my Being inside me.
Every word dictated by the emotion of the heart is being in contact with my Being inside me.
It’s only by listening to my Being inside me that I can feel myself in the truth of what I am, an immateriality that is just as real as the things that surround me in my life on earth.
This concept of time of Love wants to help me give my heart an opportunity to experiment myself constantly, the more I will register inside my heart my many emotions of Love, the more evident my Being Love will be to me and it will also be clear in front of me that being a heart is what truly defines my being myself.
I will take every opportunity to discover I am Love myself.
I hug you with all of my Love, my loved children,
Your Father
Message dictated 10th March 2008
Time of Love Heart is gaining experience Message from God The Father
Time of Love Heart is gaining experience
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