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Emotions The notes of the heart Message

Emotions The notes of the heart Message from God the Father words for the heart
Emotions The notes of the heart Message : my loved children, here is the Father once again to talk to you, from the heart there is need for great presence to help, you and this is the reason why I will send once again a new message today, may my Love guide you again today, may my Love feed you again today, may my Love be a new experience for your hearts.
In the many emotions that you feel inside the heart, what do you feel right now my children?
I just started talking but the light of your hearts seems to shine more intensely.
The wait, the sweet waiting for my Love shines inside you your heart. Do you notice this sweet emotion?, of course, what you are feeling is sweetness, when Love knows it’s inside another Love sweetness is the emotion that the heart feels, think of life and of when sweetness shows inside you, it will always be when your heart feels it is facing a presence of Love.
Register this sweetness with your heart, you feel you are in the presence of Love, you do not see this presence with your eyes, yet you feel this presence inside your heart, this is an important moment to reflect, who can the heart notice, register, a presence that my eyes can not see? because right now the Love is upon you, on any given moment where your attention is turned to our dictation, just like a beckoning Love is upon you, it’s not difficult to think of it, a call from the heart and every moment where your heart seeks contact with our Love, always, at all times, that call elevates from the heart, Love is instantly upon you and the moment when it elevates and meets with our Love, you register inside this emotion of sweetness in the recognition, inside your heart you feel sweetness as a moment of recognition of the Love in front of you.
If you think that in the heart nothing can be produced artificially because every emotion is the consequence of what that heart is feeling in the various moments, you will give increased value to every experience of the feeling activated inside you, even in the obvious absence of confirmation from your eyes.
So, you were registering an emotion of sweetness, then you concentrated on listening and now the emotion you are registering is that of being helped, the Father is explaining for me, to give me help to position my heart to guide me in the path and he is explaining and he is helping me believe in the emotions I am feeling. What a great Love, our Father today with me, helping me believe in what I feel, me, who feels so small, the Father is teaching me to believe in what I feel inside my heart; so, why is it?, am I so important for the Father?
You are all my children and my heart is all for you, each one of you is so important to me that I truly take every opportunity to help you, to place my Love to sustain you, I feed you with hope and I teach you so that happiness may be your conquest, even if one of my children does not feel this happiness, your Father will not be happy as a consequence, in my heart there is sweetness in helping you because as Love you are in front of me, every one of my children is Love in front of me.
And now the emotion inside you changes, this preciousness you are feeling, registering, inside you it’s telling you that Love is what makes you precious, I am communicating this from the heart, your being Love is precious; I am telling you this my children, register this as an emotion inside you. I am precious for the Father because he sees my being Love in me, this is the message I am hearing, I am registering his words and my feeling precious is the message I received.
Right now so much hope is lighting up inside your heart, the light that I feel illuminating is called hope, it translates into a great emotion of possibility, this emotion has a name, it’s called hope, I see in front of me a growing possibility of being a heart and of being guided towards happiness and I register a new emotion thanks to the Father, my own happiness is a condition for him for his own happiness, for the Father my being happiness is truly important, what a great warmth I feel in my heart, this is what I feel right now, in that warmth I feel wrapped up with Love, with happiness, this is the project that the Father has for us, our being happiness, this is what the Love of the Father desires for each one of his children, happiness and once again hope lights up, being able to Be, Being Love, happiness.
The Father has brought a great experience to all of us right now, I registered so many emotions in my heart that right now I feel really more real and much more alive and it’s my Love, guided to guide me, I feel happiness at feeling more real, my Being Love made me feel more real and I welcome this emotion as a confirmation of my Being Love.
And while I am hugging you I add Love into your hearts, seek happiness in your Being Love.
Next to you, the Love of your Father.
Message dictated 13th March 2008
Emotions The notes of the heart Message from God the Father words for the heart
Emotions The notes of the heart Message
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