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To be inside a problem in full awareness

To be inside a problem in full awareness Growth in your Being Message
To be inside a problem in full awareness : I am with you my loved brothers and my loved sisters, every day, to guide you toward Love, the messages, the sweet presence, I am at your side to guide you toward Love; in every situation in life that involves you, you have the resources you need inside your heart, it’s not the absence of painful situations, it’s not the absence of moments of misunderstanding, it’s not the absence of all of those things you call problems that are occasions for the heart to feel, but it’s in the regular daily lives that the heart wants to be heard; life is every moment, your life is in every condition, every moment of calm is life, moments of chaos, of pain, of research, and actually, conditions can help you send from the heart and receive from the heart.
It’s not just your life that is complicated, everybody’s life is too, and all of you inside your heart believe that growth equals absence of problems, but your growth is actually in the opposite; wanting to free yourself from problems is certainly at the origin of the movement, but in the meantime it is time for growth, often you neglect what you learn along the way when a problem affects you, often only over time, after a long time, you notice how problems made you grow so much, but today, as yet another problem presents itself, you once again seek freedom for your heart, at this moment you are learning, isn’t it perhaps better to face life, learning in full awareness?
Right now there is a problem, there are different ways to tackle it, to solve it as much as possible, or to be fairly serene while inside a problem that right now does not have a solution.
Everything stems from my Being, my Being is the starting point to position myself toward a problem, it’s from my heart that my Being represents me, this is my pivoting point, my heart, and a lot depends on my heart, I can therefore listen to it in the infinite emotions that I am feeling.
For me, what is this problem?, defining the emotions that I am feeling when faced with this problem is a crucial moment, for me, what is this problem?, so, I am thinking, is it pain?, is it powerlessness?, is there no hope?, is it a problem because I am alone?, is it a conflict that comes from what I did?, is it my responsibility?, am I the victim?, is there no justice?, am I alone against the world?, these are examples of emotions that when you question yourself make it much clearer to yourselves to see what you are feeling inside the heart.
And now, ask yourselves, what is the problem for the other person?, try to get inside the heart of the other person, try to feel what the problem is for the other person, regardless of what you feel, do try to go inside the heart of the other person and to feel the emotions that the person is surely feeling.
This is a crucial moment because you are understanding yourselves and the other person.
Is perhaps your heart freer from having thought of yourselves as a feeling and to the other person in their feeling?
It’s not therefore impossible to gain awareness of what a problem is presenting as an experience for two hearts and this is the truth, every problem carries inside truth, experience for two hearts, and sometimes for many more hearts.
Once you are at this point, it’s necessary to redefine the problem, starting from the very experience that involves your hearts; what is this problem?, it’s an experience.
How does my heart want to position toward this experience?, I could position myself in many different ways, but how does my heart wish to position itself now that the feeling that activated in me and in the other is now clear?, now that my heart has been heard, how does it want to position itself from now on?
Now you just need to listen and to take stock of what your heart sends you, and your solution will be your being inside your problem.
Register the beauty of facing the problems of life this way, what life offers you are all experiences, and in your awareness it’s you who decided the meaning for you inside that moment in your existence, this way, you are the ones to transform this experience into a moment of insightufl growth, inside the heart there is growth, it’s being truly yourselves, it’s your being a heart that determines your growth in your Being.
My loved ones, a few days more and it will be Easter, the memory of my life among you is always present in my heart, it brings me to all of you to help you in your awareness of problems that I once experienced with you, so many times I stopped to quiz my heart, now that I speak to you from Paradise I send this experience to all of you, so that my help may be taken up to allow you also to grow within your occasions, your experiences that your precious life offers, and has offered to all of us and over time you will see this awareness being rewarded, your heart will talk more and more of your Being.
With all the Love that I have in my heart,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 17th March 2008
To be inside a problem in full awareness Growth in your Being Message
To be inside a problem in full awareness Growth in your Being Message
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