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Resurrection The body of a brilliant light

Resurrection The body of a brilliant light Spiritual body Experience of joy
Resurrection The body of a brilliant light Spiritual body : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, I come to you with joy in my heart in wishing you Happy Easter to you; for many of you the meaning of Easter is known, it’s my resurrection, it’s the moment where my body has taken on the body of a brilliant light.
Maybe in that moment some of you think more about my death than my resurrection, for their security, the passage from the body of flesh to the body in its immensity, like its brilliance, is the passage through which every heart regains the essence of itself; this is the passage for everybody, while the physical body dies you are immediately born into the spiritual body, in the Spirit, and this is the moment where every heart realizes that it had been a heart all along; the life that was lived comes to you as a streaming succession of images that always speak of the heart in every single moment of your life lived, and as a heart you look at life by seeing the deeds of your heart.
For the others who understood that the life I left behind had a greater purpose than being with you, for those the resurrection is the moment where I left the project to guide you in your growth, to welcome you in our Home, which from that moment on included for all of us the presence of the Father next to us; it was part of the project that the Father was going to be with us in Paradise, closer than He had ever been, right next to us, until that moment he had been very distant from us, present in everything He had created, but his life was distant from us children, the distance is not the place, in Paradise there was constant presence of the Father, but a presence linked to the creation, His eyes were always upon us and his Love was constant, but His manifestation was through his creation, this was his presence among us.
“When my child exposed his project to us, the desire inside me to help him was strong so that the being among us would transform the concepts of life and of death, and it was in that moment that when I showed myself to my child, he said “father I ask you to be with me for everyone, I ask for help for everyone, I want that your face may shine for everyone and that you may always be with us, to illuminate us with your Love”
My sweet child thinks of everyone, I will be Father for you, for you I will be Father next to you, for you I will be joy during pain and hope during difficult moments, for you I will be help and I will be inside you, and on his return I will be with everyone, for you.
It’s been like that ever since, right at the moment of my resurrection the Father manifested itself to us and from that moment on He has been with us in this Paradise from which we are speaking, I remember the joy of those first few moments, some lowered themselves to their knees and looking for His eyes, seeking His smile, were always struck by this image, and if you knew the joy that you could breathe, it was time of great joy up here, however, the more time went on and the more joy you could breathe, and it was always his image that was giving joy and in this moment the joy is so intense that it touches everything.
If in that moment I asked for this joy for all of you, I have to confess that from the time I returned, this joy is the happy experience that gives life to my heart at all times, it’s joy that sends to Father to be the oxygen for us all, and just like for us the oxygen is vital, for us joy is what gives life to our existence.
With this experience of joy in the heart we speak to all of you, joy and happiness are the Paradise with the Father.
May these moments of joy be with you in this day of celebration, inside your hearts
Many blessings and much happiness for you
For the entire Sky with the Father who is celebrating for you
Your Brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 20th March 2008
Resurrection The body of a brilliant light Spiritual body Experience of joy
Resurrection The body of a brilliant light
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