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Being brother The truth of being all brothers

Being brother The truth of being all brothers The contact between hearts
Being brother The truth of being all brothers : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, today I would like to talk to you about being among you, my brothers; think back to some of your more recent meetings, some brothers, often called relatives, or colleagues, or simply people; with how many of them and who of them did you have an experience as being your brothers?
Brothers, this happens when in your heart there is recognition of being only hearts in contact with each other.
Often life has made you talk about your being a heart in contact with another person, of this ‘another’ person, which part you felt as a heart?
Among the many words that were said, which did you perceive as a heart in front of you?
Was it an instant, or was it an emotion that came over time inside you?
Reflect, the sweetest moment when you felt a heart express itself in front of you, did it not give meaning to the meeting between you?
This sensation of being brothers, of recognizing yourselves identical inside your being, did it not give you the feeling of being a heart that lives in constant contact with other hearts?
This is the meaning of that moment. At that moment you lived your being a heart in contact with another heart and the meaning was your being a heart among hearts.
Of course you dedicated time to this meeting, you ignored your being in a hurry and you let your commitments wait a moment, this was time dedicated to you, to listen to yourselves and to your heart and the other heart, and to let both of you listen to your own expressions and at that moment you gave meaning to your lives.
The rush, the chores, are these obstacles in life?, how many times was a chore used to actually clam up inside yourselves, many times your rush has the meaning of denying that meeting the time it needed, denying yourselves to the other person and feeling the other person, then in these moments when you find yourselves content right from the bottom of your hearts, happy at having dedicated some time to the heart to make contact with yourselves and with the other person, this meaning fills you with joy and it immediately becomes an experience that you anxiously await to be able to experience again, but here come all your commitments again to distract you.
The effort of your heart is the action, what gives meaning to your effort of being is your living, adding meaning to your life and discovering a heart as you meet a brother, a heart that in the meeting allows a sweet experience of itself and in the meeting it allows the experience of the other person as a heart and here is life as rediscovery of the truth of being all brothers, all hearts that life puts in contact with each other.
In the contact, so many times in the contact there is no intention of making a real acquaintance; however the most genuine contact is actually in the search of the contact between hearts; can being in a rush really help with this contact?, can a commitment that makes you rush favor the more genuine contact?, churning through projects after projects and life of experiences becomes empty; the experience of the heart needs first of all time, how can a brother manifest himself to you if you are running?, how can a brother manifest himself to you when you say “see you later”?, how can a brother manifest himself to you if you passively step aside?
The search of knowledge of the other person is an effort in the experience of the heart, always in search of knowledge, your availability brings about the brother who is also available to place his heart into contact with you, with your heart.
And so the meaning, the experience of the other as a brother comes from the search of knowledge of the other heart.
With Love I welcome every brother that explains to me, that speaks to me, and I collect experience of my heart in contact with this brother, and I gain experience of his expressing himself from his heart, and while I gain experience, being ourselves in contact shows me, me and the other as brothers.
What a wonderful impression to be in contact with brothers in my life, it’s a great joy, it’s filling my life with meaning, being brothers among brothers is the sweetest emotion, born from a need of true knowledge of my heart, here I am surrounded by brothers, and this rediscovery is happiness.
So this need for a rediscovery is inside each one of us, if I allow myself some time, if I donate my availability, this rediscovery will be every moment of my life and I will carry away with me meaning from each contact.
An embrace of Love that encompasses all your hearts.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 25th March 2008
Being brother The truth of being all brothers The contact between hearts
Being brother The truth of being all brothers
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