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Hearts as source of enrichment

Hearts as source of enrichment The contact between two hearts as source of enrichment
Hearts as source of enrichment : my brothers, my much loved brothers, my sisters, my much loved sisters, I have the impression that you judge your brothers as closed hearts, switched off; I agree with you that not all your brothers may talk to you about Love, but if you believe that the feeling of Love is not inside them, you are mistaken; all hearts feel Love and feelings, and the difficulty to express it is natural if you think that nobody has the possibility to put Love inside their hearts.
Perhaps someone experimented possibility in the contact with their companion, or with a child, or with a person they met, but this possibility is limited to these people, the emotion of not being able to enrich themselves from others makes meeting other people a standoffish and cold event.
This is the current situation for many hearts, even though they are with you, in contact with hearts, they do not feed the thought that your heart could possibly enrich them and you can see the consequences, even in the relationship as a couple, the thought of existing only for themselves is reflected inside the heart as a belief that your heart can not enrich them.
Over the course of time in your hearts you discovered that with every contact, the real contact that I have been talking about, is an endless source of enrichment, these silent hearts, unlike yours, do not manage to experiment themselves and to discover inside the heart that the enrichment is brought on by the contact and by the emotions experimented in the profound contact between two hearts.
Many are the reasons why a heart becomes convinced that there is no possibility to enrich themselves from the contact with other hearts, the loss of a loved one, certain misunderstandings in life, and even the long wait for a moment of satisfaction, being surrounded by people, relatives, distant friends, these conditions that I listed as examples may convince those hearts that there will be no enrichment in the contact.
And so it falls upon you to favor an experience of contact that will carry inside the heart that warmth, that affection, of which even that heart is in need of.
Think of this impossibility coming from that heart, and the act, the thought, the Love that is inside you will help you bring experiences.
Attention, when a heart carries inside an idea of impossibility, it will be very difficult for it to open up to your initial effort, if he has been building up this idea of impossibility over a period of time, then only over a period of time, experience after experience, you will be able to see results.
I can see that you understand, you encountered difficulties in your lives and you overcame your impossibilities, with this consideration, put yourselves in front of the other person and donate experiences to others.
If he needs time, I will give him time from my heart, and my constant effort will bring the desired result, with my Love I will help that heart to open up and to experiment that the most real of contacts with a heart will always bring richness and the thus liberated feeling will be of a possibility to change for good the idea of impossibility that he is feeling today.
There is much to do in your world, however all together, helping these hearts, you will experience growing Love inside you.
One last recommendation my loved brothers, over time you can understand the reason for the choice from a heart to prevent himself from being enriched by other hearts, over time in front of you the reason will become apparent, but for today just accept the situation of the thought of impossibility for that heart, and with Love just go ahead with your actions.
Sometimes the reasons for impossibility are not so clear, not even for the very heart, just wait patiently, and Love.
I believe I have helped you understand also that a judgment at heart level is to enter the impossibility to intervene; free your minds from judgments, and only listen to the hearts, and get in touch with those hearts, a heart that is free from judgment will be much freer to listen to the truth in the other heart.
I am embracing you with all my Love.
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 27 March 2008
Hearts as source of enrichment The contact between two hearts as source of enrichment
Hearts as source of enrichment
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