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Putting Love is a choice that the heart makes

Putting Love is a choice that the heart makes with responsibility Message
Putting Love is a choice that the heart makes : my loved brothers and my loved sisters, putting Love is a choice that the heart makes with responsibility, it’s a choice to always put your Love; putting your Love reminds me of the recognition of me as Love; putting Love reminds me of the recognition of the other person as Love.
In this recognition lies the responsibility, a child of God in front of another child of God, only Love can exchange itself, as it is a Spirit and lives in itself.
In this is the responsibility to understand that all brothers on earth, in contact with materialism, do not feel anything other than with their touch, they do not see if not through their eyes, they do not hear unless it’s words said out loudly, and they turn to listening to the heart only after having long listened to their minds.
Others are just like us, the same reality, the same materialism, the same time, the same limitations, but others, more than me, do not feel their own heart.
In the past being able to listen to me was not encouraged, what was encouraged was listening to my mind, all those numbers I learned, the operations, the expressions that transformed my mind from true to rational; I remember the time when my mind was used to communicate the uneasiness that I felt inside my heart, or even in my body, this was the expression for which I utilized my mind, to communicate what I was feeling inside me; then came kindergarten, then school educated me to grow up in my thoughts, in the rationality, and I learned many notions, and now that I am an adult I noticed how the function of my mind was altered, today expressing a concept means expressing to the outside what was instilled into my mind over time, and this portrays me to other people as an expression of an intelligent me, or studied, or even genius, but my mind forgot about me.
Over time, after a long search, I found my heart inside me and I noticed from that moment on that only the heart was building experience, those emotions that I was collecting through my experiences were the real expression of me, all that I was feeling was expression of me, and expression of others, and I noticed that in the real contact, in the end, what was really communicating was our hearts; this was a discovery, when people would tell me about themselves, I would feel so many emotions, and in the many moments, I can certainly say, those emotions were identical to many other emotions that I had also experienced, and this identity in the feeling that lead me to understand that the specific emotion that is inside the heart is exactly Love, and actually I knew it all along, but learning from it placed in front of the truth that I was seeking, that Love is inside the heart.
And since the time of that discovery, even though my mind is still always rational, I placed the experience of my heart in charge of guiding my life; today I listen to my mind, but only after I listened to my heart, and even my priorities have changed, and I see in the expression of myself first of all the expression of my affection, and this is my choice, placing affection as an expression of myself, because affection is what I feel inside my heart, it’s what leads me to this experience of our lives on earth.
Now I see myself mostly as a heart, and I see others mostly as a hearts and my choice to express as much as possible the Love that is inside me, it is amplifying the experience of ourselves as hearts.
And this is my experience: a heart in contact with other hearts.
In the contact I think again of myself, of my journey that taught me to feel myself as a heart, and looking back at all the difficulties that I lived before this discovery, when I listen to a heart I often understand the difficulty that the heart lives in being himself, that heart reminds me of me, and loving him and sending him all my affection is like reminding him first of all to feel himself, feel inside himself the emotions that he is feeling and that over time will help him recognize himself as a heart, in the Love that he feels inside himself.
It’s all of this effort, but the discovery of us as Love is the most important discovery that we can make in our lives, because Love does not know materialism, it’s only a Spirit, what we all are in our nature.
With all of my Love
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 31st March 2008
Putting Love is a choice that the heart makes with responsibility Message
Putting Love is a choice that the heart makes
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