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Hope Life on earth Fear Experiences

Hope Life on earth Fear Experiences and put hope into each one of steps
Hope Life on earth Fear Experiences : my much loved brothers, my much loved sisters, here I am with my heart always in contact with the heart of all brothers; if you knew the thoughts that it sends me, they are mostly pleas for help, for people who are suffering, for people who are making mistakes, for people with whom your heart would like to be united with, for children you desire for yourselves, for jobs more suitable for you and many problems you ask me to solve.
From earth it is a constant influx of prayers, your requests for help and I receive each prayer and I place myself next to you and I place myself next to them and I donate rivers of words into your hearts and I place Love inside your heart so you can think, as you listen to me, that hope is truly necessary for life on earth.
Let’s talk about hope.
So, life on earth is the best place to have an experience because all brothers are experimenting themselves in their freedom, life’s conditions bring each one of you to experiment yourselves and these conditions are such as birth, death, constant experiences that you live with your brothers, while every contact adds to your bank of experience inside your heart, a contact for you can also be a source of experience of suffering; suffering is what the heart would always want to avoid.
However, it is impossible for a heart to always be happy on earth because without the presence of an example of Love, this heart confuses every need it has as a material need when in reality it can be a spiritual need and so it distances itself by giving a lot of importance to the outside, to the exterior, to what it touches, instead of being in the center of itself and then comes the problem of materialism that always pushes the heart to one side; from that moment on, the experiences tend to be misunderstanding of a heart, of other people, of one’s own heart, from these experiences comes pain, not joy.
However, a heart that refutes pain is protecting itself in front of another brother who fears that the same pain will reappear again.
Many of your lives are stunted by this fear.
So the hope I place inside you, and this is my way of helping, is to remind you that every brother is therefore himself, and limiting himself to this experience, to feel fear toward all other brothers is like blocking the possibility of experiencing joy; it’s like locking yourself up inside this dimension of negativity, of experience of pain, of experience on non-Love.
Do not look at others as if their lives have given them so much more, each one of those people you see as so happy actually do a baggage of pain in their lives, but they also have a large baggage of hope that they are carrying with them.
Just like everybody else these people have experienced fear, but over time and through their experiences they have been brought in touch with those who are in contact with their own heart, and they safeguard this understanding inside them, because when Love meets Love it wants to stay inside Love.
This is what I repeat constantly to you, “don’t worry, it’s not really easy to live on earth, but if you understand that the origin of this pain is inside a heart that is not listening to itself, you will see that as we walk together, we will certainly bump into a shining heart, put hope into each one of your steps and listen to your heart, and you will see that soon we will meet the heart of a brother who knows how to Love; my effort will be this, to accompany you always, feeding your heart with my Love for you and hope, countless brothers out there are loving, Love between you exists on earth, come on, let’s go and meet a brother, let’s go and meet potential Love, and while we walk, reflect with yourself, Love is walking at my side, the infinite Love of the Sky is already with me.
This is what I repeat to you at all the time my brothers, and I repeat it for good reason, you are all scared of walking among non-Love and I am right next to you to repeat it, and repeat myself a thousand more times again, because my Love is for you.
And while I am embracing you, I am flooding your hearts with Love, and I am filling your hearts with hope,
Your brother Jesus Christ
Message dictated 3rd April 2008
Hope Life on earth Fear Experiences and put hope into each one of steps
Hope Life on earth Fear Experiences
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