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Violence on oneself Be themselves again

Violence on oneself Be themselves again Desperation The impossibility to change
Violence on oneself Be themselves again : my sweet and loved brothers, my sweet and loved sisters, my heart stays with you at all times, the distance is only inside your eyes, the eyes do not see presence, but in our hearts we are always all connected together; today I would like to talk of despair.
There are many moments when you lose hope in your heart, many examples, for a child who disregards life, for a father who does not respect anyone, for a child who voluntarily went to the Sky, for people who do not look after themselves and promise to change and those turn out to be mostly disappointments, for people who say “it does not matter” and then push life away from them.
They are all hearts, but they all end up living in a rut.
What is desperation?, the impossibility to change.
I could give you so many examples every single day of this impossibility to change things that is felt inside your hearts; this impossibility is where every behavior of violence comes from, violence on oneself especially, but also violence upon others.
Let’s start with violence on yourselves; when a heart thinks it is limited in its ability to build his own contentment, that heart begins to hate itself and as the violence grows inside them, the heart continues its journey thinking that its own destruction is the only way out.
Inside that heart there is despair so intense that death, at that stage, is seen as the only solution and then violence against oneself comes into play.
A heart that inside thinks about this presumed impossibility to change can always bring violence to itself, and the object on which this violence is directed is often the presumed source of their own despair; during the time in which this pain builds up, the brother also begins to isolate himself, identifies the supposed source of so much despair, a child can see this source in a parent, in a companion inside their family, a family member, a father to a child because he is disabled, and many more examples.
And this is how death is supposed to erase the pain forever, but what is erased in that pain?, their own powerlessness.
But is it really powerlessness?
Everybody has experiences where life sees moments that are very serious, having dreams and not being able to fulfill them is certainly an experience of love, how many times each one of you found himself in the impossibility of realizing your own dream, every brother has an unfulfilled dream, a dream that you desired but that life did not allow to live, moments, opportunities, possibilities not made available to that brothers but who were available to others, and this is where pain comes, and if it is not understood correctly it begins to express itself as a pain that pushes you against your own self.
The heart is expressing itself through that dream, my dear ones, thinking about this meaning allows the heart to find a way, an alternative, to put in place the desire that finds fulfillment inside the heart.
All of you have the same desire, if you are not able to fulfill your desire in your own life, you can help others fulfill it.
It could be a brother just like you, but helped by you, and you will find the same satisfaction inside your heart, and your dream will fulfill itself through the other brother; how many teachers used to be struggling students?, how many doctors experienced first hand illnesses and diseases for which there was no cure?, how many lawyers were children who were victims of injustice?, even the Pope has an unfulfilled dream that brought him to bring out all of himself to guide all of you to the Faith.
This pain brought you to tend to the heart of other people, this is the road that brought you to overcome your own difficulties, your own recognized limitations, your own impotence, your own despair.
For many of you the great help to you comes exactly from helping others, you are an example of experiencing impotence and overcoming it, and exactly by helping others is how you escape powerlessness, and if you listen to your heart you now know that your help allows the other person to not use violence against themselves.
Many of you feel powerlessness, impossibility to change, because other people have rejected their own lives wrapped up in their own drama, in this violence against themselves, leaving all of your heart into despair, to you my loved ones go words of hope, now those people are here with us and they are happy, but from their heart they are sending you this message “even though for us life meant despair, our pain was certainly not erased, we relive the pain in every moment and this is worse than the pain of life, because the real powerlessness is what we live next to you and the real impossibility is our reality now, the smile that we erased from your faces and those eyes that are always veiled with tears that we can not dry, forgive us all, forgive us through your tears, forgive that moment where we thought of the pain in us and not of the pain that we would be inflicting on all your hearts; forgive, forgive our hearts that no longer saw hope, forgive, at that moment we could only see rage, and go on living knowing that now we understand , we recognize all the Love and help that you donated to each one of our hearts, erase the violence, Love is reborn into all the Love you have given us, we always ask your forgiveness from our hearts, just like you loved us, for Love, please forgive our hearts.”
Brothers, together with all these hearts we say goodbye, it’s time to forgive and to help the many hearts on earth who feel powerless, and help then be themselves again.
From this Sky,
Your brother Jesus Christ,
Message dictated 7th April 2008.
Violence on oneself Be themselves again Desperation The impossibility to change
Violence on oneself Be themselves again
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