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LOVE is a particle of God the Father

LOVE is a particle of God the Father a particle I placed inside your hearts when I created you
LOVE is a particle of God the Father : my sweet and loved children, today let’s begin a very important topic, you all have a heart, Love beats inside you, and Love is what ties all of you to us; the love you feel beating inside you is a particle of your Father, a particle I placed inside your hearts when I created you.
The feeling you are experiencing is the proof that you are all my children.
Just like in the past I talked to you about this feeling, Love is separate from the body, it represents you as a Spirit, it can not be learned, it can not be taught, it just is, it can not be conditioned, it just is, it can not even be transmitted, it just is, it can not even be cancelled, it just is, it is and it can be there instantly through an emotion.
This particle is the immortal Spirit that can be neither created nor cancelled, it just is, your Spirit, your immortality.
As Love, you were created from my own Love, as Love you are now in your bodies today, as Love you will be in this Sky upon your death.
Now that your Spirit is occupying a body, you are living an experience of Love on earth; you are a particle of Love gaining experience inside a human body.
Experience of yourselves and experience of Love for others.
This is the progress you have made, because to you your birth means having conquered an understanding of Love so great to allow you to venture out far away from the Sky, in order to be a particle of Love on earth.
Every passage of every sweet Soul on earth has by definition this competence.
And even if your hearts can not acknowledge other brothers’ hearts, or their competence, I can assure you that when I allow a Soul to carry out an experience on earth, by definition I recognize that heart’s competence.
On earth everything is different from the Sky, in order to procreate I gave you physicality, and physicality hides the heart, it hides the Spirit, the perception of the Spirit is hidden from the materiality of the body of each one of you.
However the Spirit manifests inside you through the feeling of Love.
The particle I donated to you is again inside the heart, sometimes you feel it intensely, so greatly that even you are surprised by its intensity, you can feel it in certain occasions, many occasions, in reply to Love, in reaction to Love donated by others, but more often than not it shines inside you when you do something for Love.
These are the moments when you activate your particle in yourselves to donate yourselves to others, and others may be people just like you, they may be your sweet pets, other people in need, nature, and everything which you want to take care of from your heart, projects, humanity, long term problems, when you take care with all of yourselves you are simply lighting up your particle, the Love inside you, your Spirit.
As you love on earth, during those moments the eyes that can not perceive beyond materiality see those hearts, they perceive the hearts inside people, they can feel the hearts of other people.
This is the vision, your Spirit sees others as a heart even without the aid of your eyes, this is the vision of the Spirit, a heart observing itself and a heart observing another heart and the Spirit manifests itself completely to you; perceiving yourself a heart among hearts is the vision of the Spirit.
This is the experience you are conducting, recognizing yourselves in the Spirit albeit inside a physical body; soon, as you experiment, you will be able to feel the Spirit lighting up inside you, over time you will experience being a heart among hearts, over time, experimenting yourselves, this vision of the Spirit will be yours and as a Spirit you will witness your abilities shine even more.
Progress on earth is reclaiming the truth of what you are, a heart, your own competence and much more, the joy of fulfilling yourselves even while you are far away from the Sky.
Accept my embrace, come to me my particle, you are me in the world, bring yourselves in the world and you will all be bringing me.
In joy
Your Father
Message dictated 10th April 2008
LOVE is a particle of God the Father a particle I placed inside your hearts when I created you
LOVE is a particle of God the Father a particle
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