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Paradise once again on earth

Paradise once again on earth Seeking Love to find Love Messages
Paradise once again on earth : my sweet and loved children, my heart is joyful at being with you, sweet sons, sweet daughters, let’s continue to talk from your heart; I notice emotions that I feel inside, through listening to myself I can feel myself in all my emotion, if we talk about Love I feel it inside my heart, I feel it every time I look at a person that is important to me, I certainly feel many emotions for those brothers that are next to me, and that emotion called Love pushes me to smile from the heart, and sometimes you just need the thought of it for the smile to be inside me.
Many brothers, some of them I love from the heart, for some I have a lot of good feelings and I enjoy being with them, I don’t think I love them, but can the feeling inside my heart be called Love if Love is the smile that I feel?, I meet some brothers in the street, often I notice the Love between them, and another smile rises within me, my Father, is this the same Love from the smile that I feel?, in my life I meet many hearts and this emotion is inside me, my Father, is this Love also?, if you knew the joy I feel when I see all around me other hearts helping those who need help, my Father, is this Love too?, give me a word of advice, with a simple hug I feel Love inside, is this the Love that you talk about, Father?, is this the Love you placed inside me?
This is it, sweet Soul, this is what you feel during the day, this is what your hear inside you, this is my gift for you, my creature.
Listen to your heart for a moment, you really need to feel it manifesting itself inside, this need is what pushes you to seek out occasions to experiment it inside you and there are so many brothers who are seeking an opportunity to experiment it inside themselves; the world is a constant search for experimentation and there are many occasions that come up for everybody at all times, those are moments where the heart feels alive, it loves and it feels life inside it, these are important moments of the life of the heart because during these moments when the heart beats with Love, you are gaining experience of the gift of me, because that Love represents my gift, it represents me, the same substance, the Love inside me, the Love inside you.
Among the many opportunities for my children who are helping, this knowledge puts a lot of Love inside you; isn’t it true that often you feel joy inside the heart as you notice help from others?, why does this Love transform into joy?, isn’t’ it perhaps like to be in Paradise to have a constant exchange of Love?, your heart remembers Paradise, the moment when it sees Love being exchanged between you, it finds Paradise once again on earth, and it finds happiness again; why does Love recognized in other people bring us joy?, you are all separated from all of us and separation means isolation; as you recognize other people as being like you, being part of a whole, places you once again in contact with this sweet matrix of Love from which you were born.
Hearts that recognize are beautiful, they feed from Love, from the Love donated by other hearts, hearts light up from examples and strength, in the even more earnest search for self-affirmation as Love on earth.
This is the experience of a heart that feels itself, this is the experience of a heart that feels Love inside, this is the experience of a heart that feels surrounded by experiences of Love from the heart of its own brothers.
Many of your are seeking Paradise through the folds of experience, and many brothers are awaiting to find you through the folds of experience, and only Love pushes this, seeking Love to find Love.
After all, this is what the experience of life is, seeking Love and knowledging your own Being Love, knowledge of others as Being Love, and an exchange of Love between you that brings you back to being together, to unity among us.
And while I embrace you I would like to place these words inside your heart “every life has the objective of experimenting Love, every event that takes place in life can be an occasion to light up your own Love and by experimenting yourselves life is thus inside you, being Love is sweet life inside you, you are the ones filling it with contents and existence draws meaning from its own contents.
With Love
Your Father always with you
Message dictated 14th April 2008
Paradise once again on earth Seeking Love to find Love Messages
Paradise once again on earth
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